RPI3B+ freeze

  • Hi,

    I've got a shiny RPI3B+.

    But I've got a problem, it freezes on the home screen.

    But I'm able, if I jump right after booting, in the menu to watch movies ans play music without problem.

    Anyone get this issue ?

    I tried to do a fresh install and restore a backup on it but the issue is still here.

    There a link to my log file : 10vr

    Thank you.

  • It’s confirmed, when I set the RSS on it crashes after a few minutes.

    If I set it off no more crashes.

    Is it a common issue ?

  • The RPi 3B+ is only days old, and you're the first one to report it. We'll have to confirm it first. RSS is off by default these days because of the relative big impact it can have, and so not many people will have noticed something wrong with it. So, no it's not a common issue (yet).

  • Does adding arm_freq=1200 to config.txt make any difference?

    It seems to work.

    I need more time to test but The RPI3B+ ran about 30 minute on the welcome screen with the RSS on without any issues.

    As I understand the line you gave me set the clock of the CPU to 1200 which is under the nominal 1400, am I right ?

  • So it is unstable at default 1400? Did you try to add more voltage to see if this fix the crashes? Disabling the clock throttling with force_turbo=1 may be useful too.