Does this dvb s2 tuner work?

  • maybe easily with a 2. file :

    nano /storage/.config/modprobe.d/dvb-core.confoptions dvb-core


    options dvb-core dvbdev_debug=1

    is this syntax correct ?

    if so, I guess I try this with V1 from #76, later

  • tried some distro kernels on my Intel NUC (HD Graphics 4400 (GT2) supported by kernels elder than 4.x.y (no go for my Desktop (Intel HD Graphics 530 => black screen):

    Ubuntu 16.04 LTS now as 16.04.04 has kernel 4.13, found no elder CD so far, scratched

    Debian 9 has kernel crashes with NULL pointer ..., scratched

    Fedora 24(has a lot of kernels available; sweet):

    4.5.5: release kernel, does not load any module after plug in the device, no dvb-usb-$something, nothing...

    4.9.4 crashes with NULL pointer ...

    4.8.16 crashes with NULL pointer ...

    4.7.2 crashes with NULL pointer ...

    more next days ...

  • we could attempt some more dirty hacks

    okay :) for 4600 only atm (terratec has some additional problem it seems)


    1. update to the image from test, activate hauppauge addon (as the hacks are only there)
    2. upload the dvb-demod-m88ds3103b firmware to Add a firmware to LibreELEC [] (how it works) AND rename it to dvb-demod-m88ds3103.fw
    3. nano /storage/.config/modprobe.d/dvb.conf options m88ds3103 dyndbg=+pmf

    4. remove the 4600 stick, reboot

    5. after reboot enter at ssh modprobe m88ds3103 dyndbg=pmf

    6. attatch the 4600 stick again

    7. dmesg | paste

  • The manufacturer promised to ship me a device so I can try to build a working driver for it. The way I see it, it should not be too difficult, but will probably take a couple of weeks (provided I find the time to do it).

  • did my last test with kernel 4.4.0-1: does not load any module after plug in the device

    'will give the device back next week !


    you talking about a technotrend, right ?

  • okay, I have modified entries in dvb wiki to express that there is currently no driver support for Technotrend and Terratec.

    My intention only is to protect user/buyer for a lot of frustrations caused by outdated and contrary informations in the internet !

    TechnoTrend TT-connect S2-4600 - LinuxTVWiki


    TerraTec Cinergy S2 - LinuxTVWiki

    comments, thoughts, rooten fruits ?

    anyway: thanks for help !!!

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  • okay, I have modified entries in dvb wiki

    Good. This way users will know what happened after releasing the new devices silently!!!

    what did tvheadend say ?

    Nothing. It has not been recognized by tvheadend under DVB Inputs.

    not sure whats wrong, have to wait for trsqr

    No problem. At least we have tried. Thank you very much fro your help.

    The manufacturer promised to ship me a device so I can try to build a working driver for it

    Finally. Great news. I wish that you could also release a media_build folder so that we can use the device under any Linux Distro.

    Thank you very much guys. We have tried very hard.


  • @Softlander

    If I were you I would try to give device back to dvbshop and get the whole money back even the 14 limit is over.

    Dvbshop declared the device applicable under Linux,what is not the case.


    TechnoTrend connect S2-4600, USB, DVB-S/S2, HDTV, IR-Remote, 58,99

    1. they know that the chip has changed as you mentioned in #50

    2. up to now they still declare in the link above that the device is applicable under linux, what apart is somewhat diametral to 1.

    3. I told them via email to CEO Giebler at 12.02.2018, what is btw. before you bought your device, that they need to change their declaration in the above links cause the device is not applicable under linux, what they didn't do.

    Alas I don't have this email anymore, but a copy of the RMA which was laid in the retour packet too, where I made the following statement regarding error description: "... against product description under Linux NOT applicable..."

    to sum it up: they sell devices and declare them applicable under Linux what is proofed (!) not the case !

    if it goes hard: You can get a copy of that RMA somehow via private mail.

    Go for it and follow my instruction in #22 to get the whole money back !

    - I admit that the device is still in the condition as it it arrived -

    Keep in mind that their impress is invalid too, since 10 years, Giebler told me, casual !.

    it is "Otto-Lilienthal-Straße 7, Haus 2, 06796 Brehna"

    Maybe you got an RMA with the correct address from them in your packet during shipping, did you ?

    I hadn't one, contrary to Gieblers statement in his mail ...., and I had to pay the costs for back sending twice, caused by their erroneous impress -

    I'm done with this shop !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Maybe you got an RMA with the correct address from them in your packet during shipping, did you ?

    Unfortunately returning this device back using international shipping will be expensive because I have to pay for that. In addition, the cartoon box got damaged during shipping, so I think the shop will complain about that and I will as a result loose twice. I did receive some papers with the box but I do not understand anything from it because they are all written in German. What does an RMA look like?

    I would rather keep the device for now and wait for a working driver. It is really so sad how they declare the the device is compatible with Linux on their German site while it is not, and nothing is said on the English version of the site. I agree with you it is ridiculous.

  • ...What does an RMA look like? ...

    on top right is written:



    dvbshop has a lot of bugs on their website, this can happen for a while, but they don't even care about, for years ! and declare that as completely normal !!!