Add built-in Java support

  • i will not post any addon. I want to have a solution which can be included as addon in LE.

    at least when build on open source solution i don't know why not to include java support to LE.

    but for know bd-j menu is opened but after first selection main menue is displayed without text in the logs it looks like many file read errors. someone above has same problem.

    overall performance is poor... but i don#t know if my cpu is too slow

  • I noticed there is now in Kodi 18 Beta a warning that jre is missing if you choose full BD menu in settings and you didn't install this addon. So maybe there is some small thought. Maybe it would be accepted to the official LE repo.

  • i have got a lot of errors like this:

    CBlurayCallback - Error opening dir! (/var/media/FIFTY_SHADES_OF_GREY/BDMV/JAR/89001/TickerImageComposite1.png)

    but for now i don't know if the reason is because i am using a disc.

    actually i don't have any bd iso recheck.

  • For me br menu doesn't work. No idea what has changed. Doesn't matter if using openjdk or Oracle.

    The only thing in log I see

    1. WARNING: CDVDInputStreamBluray - unhandled libbluray event 33 [param 3]

    I select Play, then BR menu and then I get only black screen.


  • The Oracle based addon always worked for me. I only played Blu-ray disc with Java menus. Which disc are you trying?

  • V.for.Vendetta.2005.1080p.CEE.BluRay.AVC.TrueHD.5.1-FGT


    as was working screenshot

    Wondering why doesn't work now.


  • /* UO mask changed */

    734 BD_EVENT_UO_MASK_CHANGED = 33, /* bitmask, BLURAY_UO_* */

    no clue what this means..

  • Guys, does addon still works? I couldn't get it working anymore with my ISO files/folders.

    Also device information would be useful (Generix or RPi).


  • It works for me on Generic. I installed it in LE 9.0 Reborn Remix build at end of August and it still works in RC2a.

  • Dear people, I'm in the market for new DIY media player based on Kodi.

    My foremost reason to change form my nvidia shield to a DIY kodi box is the fact there is no jre for android and thats not likely to happen to be developed soon and I want to use Kodi to play bluray images including java menu's

    From what I understand using the above addon I will be able to open bluray menu's on either generic (I assume x86) and raspberry Pi.

    Since I also want to watch 4k and I'm not going to go with the raspberry pi 3, and I'm thinking about going with either the rock64,LIBRE LEPOTATO or Khadas VIM2. The latter 2 are attractive since they are officially supported.

    Now there's also a x86 based odroid-h2..

    My question is: which of these devices will most likely be able to play bluray java menus using the addon mentioned in this thread, will x86 be the least hassle? Or shall I go for one of the ARM alternatives..

    And also how likely will the arm libraries for the raspberry pi 3 mentioned in this thread work with the other arm devices mentioned here?

    Thanks already for your answers.,.

  • Ok sorry for hijacking the thread previously a bit with a question about hardware.

    Right now I have a rock64 and I'm running nighly version as of 14.12

    I used the files for the raspberry pi as described in post #50.

    When I do ./java -version I do get output:

    1. ./java -version
    2. java version "1.8.0_161"
    3. Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_161-b12)
    4. Java HotSpot(TM) Server VM (build 25.161-b12, mixed mode)

    So I assume java is actually working.

    When I try to select in Kodi setting "open bluray menu" I get a BD-J error stating that java is not installed, not working correctly.

    Here's a snippet from the log covering this:

    10:20:43.835 T:4092612624 DEBUG: ------ Window Init (DialogConfirm.xml) ------

    10:20:43.831 T:4092612624 DEBUG: CBlurayCallback::Logger - bluray.c:1435: BLURAY initialized!

    10:20:43.835 T:4092612624 DEBUG: CBlurayCallback::Logger - bdj.c:515: invalid LIBBLURAY_CP /storage/.kodi/addons/java/

    10:20:43.835 T:4092612624 DEBUG: CBlurayCallback::Logger - bdj.c:695: BD-J check: Failed to load libbluray.jar

    10:20:43.835 T:4092612624 DEBUG: DiscSettings - Could not load the libbluray.jar.

    10:20:43.835 T:4092612624 DEBUG: CBlurayCallback::Logger - bluray.c:1552: BLURAY destroyed!

    Obviously libbluray.jar is nor working properly, maybe I have to compile this myself? And can someone please point me in the direction how to do this? Can I install bluildtools on libreelec? Or sdhall I boot the rock64 to a rasbian install and compile it there?

    I have limited computing skills so please be as detailed as possible!

    Or do i need java for aarch64? (like this one: jdk-8u192-linux-arm64-vfp-hflt-demos.tar.gz

    Thanks in advance!

  • In folder /storage/.kodi/addons/program.jre/ there must be a file libbluray-j2se-1.0.2.jar (previously it was 1.0.1 version). And you are missing this file.


  • Guys, does addon still works? I couldn't get it working anymore with my ISO files/folders.

    Also device information would be useful (Generix or RPi).

    Hi vpeter, I have the latest version running on a RPi3+ (with libbluray-j2se-1.0.2.jar). But it´s not reliable any more. Movies start with BD-J enabled. Kodi detects the JAVA add-on. But only ~10% of the menus really work. For the other 90% I see the menu background wallpaper or background movie but the buttons to click on do not show up. Sometimes I see them for a second and then they disappear. When I press "OK" or "Play" I hear Kodi sounds. It seems that the JAVA-based menu does not get focus and is "hidden" behind the Kodi interface. Not sure if Kodi or libbluray need updates. Maybe both. Nevertheless: many many thanks for the hard work on this!

  • tomhai, sadly seems it happens same to me too. But in my case I don't get any menu anymore. That's why I was asking if still works. There is no any significant error in kodi log and from what I see kodi recognizes java.