HDMI pink screen on the monitor

  • Hi Team,

    After a month of using LibreELEC kernel from kszaq's build (i use different userland based on Gentoo) on my S905W TV box i get a pink screen on the monitor:

    LE — imgbb.com

    I'm 99% sure this is hardware failure (HDMI port probably got damaged) and not LibreELEC kernel fault but asking just in case:

    1) is there any setting which could persist in the firmware or bootloader config which could cause this?

    2) can LlibreELEC interfere with low level firmware or bootloader config at all (something like changing efivars for EFI firmware in x86 world)?

    I'm booting my system only from USB, never touched internal Android installation which works ok except for the very same pink screen:

    Android — imgbb.com

    I have tried swapping the monitors, TV and HDMI cables, its definitely something in the box itself as everything worked a week ago and stopped this Monday.

    Just need to figure out if this is software related (maybe bootloader is forced to display different color depth) or a hardware failure.

    Tried to contact Gearbest support but they are hopeless, giving advices like:

    "Confirm the current broadcast channel is encoded channel or not, and whether the user license has expired."

    Google has many hits for very same problem but different solutions, eg here::

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    nothing works for my case.

    Thank you in advance for any hints in this matter.

  • Try using SSH:

    echo 1 > /sys/module/di/parameters/bypass_all

  • I also get the pink screen after playing some videos. Music and stream video is not affected. Change several HDMI cables but not solve. So I guess the video decoding may be the problem for my box. MXQ 4k S905 1g/8g blue board realtek wifi.

  • I had pink screen since very beginning of booting, even on the bootloader splash screen and Android.

    I have contacted GearBest and they said this is hardware fault (sent me replacement).