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    I also get the pink screen after playing some videos. Music and stream video is not affected. Change several HDMI cables but not solve. So I guess the video decoding may be the problem for my box. MXQ 4k S905 1g/8g blue board realtek wifi.

    Sorry should have put that in...

    Its a Tonbux Q Box S905 2GB/16GB rooted I believe already.

    Im currently running it from SD Card but its very slow to respond and load box art etc so was going to backup android and use LIB as the OS hoping it will speed up. Sadly my good san disk ULTRA SD Card is now borked locked as read only so using a chap one which I think is why its slow.

    I run libreelec 8.0.1 (a/b/c) on both old 4gb sdhc class 4 on MXQ 4k Pro smoothly. External old 160gb get half power from USB power hub. Maybe power is the reason.

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    I tried to access storage/.config by File manager tool in LibreElec but could not access this folder. The keymap add-on is also not effective for me. Will try ssh method. But most of my PC/laptop are Windows so need more learning to get it done. However, I accidently found that my TVs (Sharp and LG) remotes can control Kodi with navigation buttons, play/stop and turn off. So the CEC control do the magic here. Not all functions but somehow fit my need before fixing the correct remote.conf one!

    Great build! My slow MXQ 4K Pro 1/8g now run fast and stability on SD card. wifi and Lan work well. Only remote control doesnt work. It works only when I turn on the box. I tried to find proper remote.conf to fix but the File Manager in LE not show the storage/.config. The remote keymap add-on not effective. If the remote could run I will install LE to internal memory to replace crappy slow Android 5.1. However, I accidentally find the old Sharp Tv remote works with the box (Aquos link): play, stop, navigation, power off. Now the mxq remote will only be used to turn it on :)