LE/Kodi box with audio coaxial input.

  • Hi, as in topic, im looking for LE box with coaxial audio input. Main purpose is listening to music via LAN from my media server, sometimes movies.

    I couldnt find ANY popular LE dedicated boxes with such input. Is there any on market?

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    Kodi doesn't support audio input from physical connectors so even if you find a box you won't be able to use those connectors. If you actually mean output then get a Raspberry Pi with some kind of audio 'hat' card, there's loads to choose from.

  • As chewitt says, there is no support for audio input. However, you've not indicated what function this would perform. The only uses you've described (Music and Movies from a server) would use an audio output (and video output, of course). What are you trying to achieve?

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    Shortly: Wife Acceptance Factor.

    Longer: im checking possibilities to unify appearance of my audio devices. My chosen (eventually) DAC has optical inputs restricted to 96 kHz. Its much more then i need, but many of my FLACs are unfortunatelly 192 kHz. Of course its easier to exchange my hires files, but still it will not improve appearance of audio rig. :)

    On the other side i will buy to my mom LE/Kodi/Netflix box, so i check if I can give her my Wetek Core (fantastic box) and buy another with coax input or just enough box for my mom.

    Just smelling possibilities.

    Thx for support.