MXQ PRO box Wiring diagram

  • Hi can anyone help me .I am after a systematic diagram for the above box (had some burning issues).Fortunately has not burnt the board ,thinking a repair may be in order .Any help would be appreciated .Thank you:)

  • IMHO this will be a "Holy Grail" quest for two simple reasons:

    a) There are probably 20+ Shenzen based manufacturers of "MXQ" boxes and they're all a teeny bit different

    b) Manufacturers who stole the base design of someone else's box never publish schematics of "their" box

    Good luck :)

  • Cheers for that Chewitt. Being a bit of a Rottweiler i will carry on the quest, there must be basic diagrams out there somewhere.

  • There's a good chance that even if you find a schematic, it is quite likely to be using some parts were you can only find the data sheets if you can access the manufacture's website (Chinese designs often use non-industry-standard regulators, etc from Chinese semiconductor companies). There also a good chance that even though you cannot see any visible damage to the circuit board, some of the parts will likely have internal damage. I really think you would be better off investing in a replacement box.

  • there must be basic diagrams out there somewhere.

    If you pay a subcontract manufacturer to add 10k units to someone else's production run it saves you $$ and you don't need documentation. That's a common situation for some of the MXQ units that end up on cheap websites. That also assumes the original designer came up with proper docs in the first place, which is also a bad assumption.

  • Hi i think because i do have other boxes maybe by process of elimination i will replace the parts bit by bit (they are cheap enough ).Its something to do in the evenings may take some time but i will let you know