Malware Removal Tool

  • Hello, I've been trying to find a way to run a malware detector on my Wetek Play 2. I've tried to find software to install, but it seems I need to either compile or have perl installed. Is there any advice from the community on how to proceed? Can I scan my LibreELEC system remotely from another device?

    Thank You

  • Disable SSH/Samba and don't install pirate add-ons, then your device is isolated from the network and there is no need to waste your time trying install anti-malware tools. Even if something generic did compromise a device it would need to be compiled specifically for LE with knowledge of our OS and it's major quirks (like all the normal install-to location being uncompressed from a read-only file on boot into a virtual filesystem).

  • Wonder why when I factory reset the box, the previous logs remained? I thought /storage/ was formatted? Anyways...

    I'm certain the system was compromised about a year ago when I knew nothing about SSH and Samba security since every Samba share was showing up with random vulgar .scr files. I've since not seen these files show up and disabled SSH passwords on my all boxes.

    I further tested isolating my box from the network as you advised and enabled the firewall, had been using the TVClient iPhone app to setup recording remotely. This stopped the eratic HTTP Get Requests, so I've changed the default ports and reopened the firewall and Voila! the behavior has been neutralized.

    I'm glad the logs aren't showing the random HTTP Get Requests anymore, but am still quite concerned about the security of the system.

    Thank you for your advice chewitt!