Setting up TVHeadend with Libreelec

  • Hi,

    I would like to setup a TVHeadend Server for my network clients. The PC would only be used as server and not be acting as a client simultaneously. There will be 3 clients in the network.

    Because libreelec is very easy to setup with tvheadend and I'm not good at linux, so I would not want to fiddle around with other linux distributions there is one thing I'd like to know:

    Can I configure Libreelec with TVheadend that it goes to sleep when no lan clients are connected and then wakes up once a client spins up?

    Thx and BR


  • Hi, thx for your Feedback. If I understand it correct, the Plugin you mentioned is to be used when server and client are used on the same PC. But I need it for separate server / client infrastructure.

    Thx and BR


  • Hi, I have a Intel Nuc, setup as server, & client. Libreelec (Kodi 17.6) I have a usb T2 tuner

    I also have a Beelink S905 Libre 17.6 setup as a client, & H96 Pro (S912) as a client, with Libre 17.6 I also have a different usb for the H96 with 18

    But I leave the NUC on all the time.

    Not sure what versions of tv head I have on each device.

    There is an addon called advance wake on lan, not sure if that can be used? ( I might be talking out of my a**e)

    There is a setting in kodi, wake on use?

    Samsung RU7400 Onkyo HTX22HDX Nvidia Shield HD Homerun Duo (Living Room)

    Samsung UE40ES5500 H96 Pro, X96+, Fire TV 4K Stick (Bedroom)

    Synology DS414 Plex Pass


  • Three or four years ago, I used my $30 MK808B Android stick, running Kszaqs OpenELEC port as my tvheadend server. It just sat on my network doing it's job as my PVR backend for months/years, never powered it off. Then i retired that stick, and used my $40 Beelink Mini MX3 (Amlogic S905) as my tvheadend server/client running under LibreELEC.

    Now, I have moved my tvheadend server/client to my Mecool M8S Pro (Amlogic S912) running LibreELEC. I never power off my servers, because the use SO LITTLE power.