Kodi freeze - kodi.bin 100%CPU

  • Hi,

    My kodi libreelec freeze(black screen, UI unresponsive) sometimes after movie ends or I stop playback.

    I found workaround described at link, but I have problem how to kill kodi.bin,

    I tried:

    1. killall --signal SIGHUP kodi.bin
    2. kill <PID kodi.bin>
    3. kill -9 <PID kodi.bin>

    but process is still running at 100% and only one way how to kill process is reboot device. I am logged as root user. Thanks

  • I dont want restart kodi when plugin should quit. It is not user friendly quit from plugin and will kodi restart :).

    I want apply sollution with kill command when plugin should quit and freeze as is described in link above.

  • There is nothing in log, becasause kodi.bin freeze.

    Everything is described on kodi page(link i mention in first post). Solution is "tweak exit button type from internal Kodi's Quit() function". But on librelec distro I can not execute kill comand.