Coowell V5 Libreelec NAND install failed (SOLVED)

  • Hello kszaq,

    IT WORKS :):):):)

    I finaly have found A image containing 7.1

    I flashed this rom using the usb flashtool

    It flashed complete to 100%

    started the Coowell, but it hangs on the bootscreen.

    I then inserted A SD card containing LE 8.2.

    started LE running installtointernal


    The splash screen was visible and LE started up

    From LE reboot from internal

    The splash screen was visible and LE started up

    to be sure I have removed the cd card and rebooted again.

    The splash screen was visible and LE started up.

    So your workaround from post 11 to install Android 7 was the right one, I only did not remove the DTB.IMG but replaced it with your device tree.

    My mistake I was thinking Android 7 has to complete start up.

    So I went online to let you know it works.

    Then I saw your message containing the Coowell device tree.

    So back i went to my Coowell flashed the coowell Android6 image back

    started up

    then I start LE using your device tree.

    And again everything installed nicely.

    Now I have A running LE 8.2 from NAND no more Android for me:!:

    KSzaq thanks for al your support:):):)

  • Hi @kszaq

    hi @Hermankodi

    I had to replace my 905box because of a hardware defect. I’d like having a S905 again and after searching a while a found a S905 from a Chinese ebay seller. It is labelled with ‘XGODY M8S+’ and it was delivered with Android 5.1.

    I have exactly the problem with this box that is described here. It’s running fine from SD card with device tree ‘gxbb_p200_1G_100M_RealtekWiFi.dtb’ and Libreelec After installtointernal and removing the SD-card I get only a black screen. It’s still running from SD card.

    Unfortunately I can’t use the device tree from this post as it is for S905X and I also didn’t find any newer Android for my box in the WEB.

    Can you my help me?