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    Hi @kszaq

    hi @Hermankodi

    I had to replace my 905box because of a hardware defect. I’d like having a S905 again and after searching a while a found a S905 from a Chinese ebay seller. It is labelled with ‘XGODY M8S+’ and it was delivered with Android 5.1.

    I have exactly the problem with this box that is described here. It’s running fine from SD card with device tree ‘gxbb_p200_1G_100M_RealtekWiFi.dtb’ and Libreelec After installtointernal and removing the SD-card I get only a black screen. It’s still running from SD card.

    Unfortunately I can’t use the device tree from this post as it is for S905X and I also didn’t find any newer Android for my box in the WEB.

    Can you my help me?

    Hi Demetris,

    thank you for the new (test-)version. I've tested it on my MX-III-1G. It works nice and stable . I'd only realised some minor things:

    1) I came from 8.0.2b and the update process was a bit confusing, because after copying the img.gz file into the update folder and restarting the box, it displayed only the libreelec logo without showing any message. For a while, I thougt I bicked my box. After several minutes, the box boooted again and the update was done.

    2) the command "fw_setenv hdmimode 1080p50hz" and "fw_setenv outputmode 1080p50h" dosn't work from shell. It drops an error.

    3) My box shows only 512MB Ram in libreelec system information. In former version it showed approx 750MB. I think it has 1G Ram.



    I had simular problems with my TX3. I was able to solve it and wrote this manual:
    Create remote.conf from scratch

    Interesting you're not using the Realtek Wifi Fix Device Tree. Nexbox A95X S905 Chip 1gb/8gb ?

    It's not a A95X. It's a A95 - S905 Chip 1gb/8gb. I bought it directly from a Chinese seller on EBay.
    A rare and really bad box with a poor remote, u-boot bug and a loose contact on HDMI port. On the other hand is works and I don’t want to throw it away.

    8.0.1i re-uploaded with fixed SPDIF sound.

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    I’ve done some testing this morning on my NexboxA95 (S905Box using gxbb_p200_1G_100M.dtb Device tree) + Phlips pfl7007 TV

    • Sound over SPDIF works.
    • If I switch off my TV, it’s now possible that the Kodi-Box is switched off via CEC (it didn’t work before)
    • In 8.0.1h (and older) skip back often freesed the video. When this happened had to press stop and play again. This bug is gone in 8.0.1i
    • I haven’t noticed any disadvantages while playing ‘normal’ video or music (havn't tested Atmos or high bitrate video).

    8.0.1i is a great version for me.

    I also had probelems with MAC Address on my Nexbox A95. All configuration with ifconfig worked but the box was very unstable. The sulution that worked for me was poted here:
    thread-2139.html?highlight=duplicate mac


    Create file '99-mac-address.rules' in 'udev.rules.d' subfolder under 'configfiles' folder. Use the following format within rules file. Label your mac's as you like.

    SUBSYSTEM=="net", KERNEL=="wlan0", RUN+="/sbin/ip link set dev %k address D8:FC:93:6F:29:01"
    SUBSYSTEM=="net", KERNEL=="eth0", RUN+="/sbin/ip link set dev %k address D8:FC:93:6F:29:02"

    Hi kszaq, I've installed 8.0.1i on my NexboxA95 (S905Box using gxbb_p200_1G_100M.dtb Device tree).
    With 8.0.1i I have no audio on SPDIF (audio over HDMI works). After Downgrade to 8.0.1ih, audio on SPDIF worked again.

    If you need any logfile, plase let me know what I shalll generate.

    The same here. 8.0.1g is a really good version for me. It runs stable, fast and I haven't seen any bugs during the last week. I run the version on 3 boxes from Nand (MXQ Pro 4K, Nexbox A95, TX3 Pro), watch H264 videos (max 1280x720 in 23.98, 24, 50, 60 fps) with 5.1 and 2.0 AAC and AC3, I hear music (flac and MP3 in 44.1k) and sometimes I stream videos from the internet.

    Also really good: my Nexbox hang sometimes in boot with Version (known bug). This never happened with 8.0.1g (I'm using the version with activated temp sensor).

    Thank you kszaq for your work and for the great software!

    Great Job!

    I tried it with my stupid Nexbox-A95-4K S905 box (no toothpic, no power on via remote or CEC). Everything works now with your method :
    - toothpic works
    - installtointernal works (and box runns from Nand)
    - Dual Boot (sd/nand) works
    - power on via remote works (without changing anything)
    - power on via CEC works
    - the led behaviour is the oposite
    - startup takes about 10 seconds without any logo + 9 seconds to boot libreelec from a class10 SD Card
    - startup takes about 20 seconds without any logo + 7 seconds to boot libreelec from Nand

    I'd installed Libreelec 8.0.1g (with gxbb_p200_1G_100M.dtb).


    The Android Update was a bit tricky. I found may different descriptions in the internet how to do it with the USB-Burning tool, but it never worked. the only way for my box was:

    • start USB Bruning Tool on a windows PC (I used version on a windows 10 64bit)
    • Change Language to english
    • import Img File (cyx_MXQPro-NEXBOX_8189etv_8g1g_kodi_addons_160603_USB_uboot_mod.img)
    • Make settings (x:erease flash (normal erease), x:erease bootloader, x:reset after success, o:overwrite key (x means checked, o meeans unchecked))
    • click 'start'
    • connect TV-Box with USB Male – Male USB cable (don't use power-supply, you should conncet HDMI to see whats going on, only USB Port works – for my box USB4)
    • Update starts automatically after 1-2 seconds
    • wait until it's finished.
    • diconnect box from USB
    • now you can boot andriod

    Hi Demetris,

    kszaq has introduced significant audio improvements in his last verson (8.0.1f). Is it possible that you include this changes also in your builds?

    Kind rerads,

    MX-III 1G Model never had bluetooth hardware in the box. Are you sure you had Bluetooth working when the box was running Android?

    To be honest, I'd never tested the box under Android. I bought the box used so I also don't have a specification from it.

    I’ve seen Bluetooth never working in this box, neither under Openelec nor under Libreelec in any version. So yes, in fact, it makes absolutely sense that my box has no Bluetooth Hardware.

    In this case, sorry for my stupid test/post regarding Bluetooth.

    I’ve updated from ‘LibreELEC-S802.arm-8.0.1-MXIII-1G’ to you last version ‘LibreELEC-S8X2.arm-8.0.1-MXIII-1G’ today.

    The upgrade worked fine, to only thing I had to do was crating the ‘.nocompat’ file in update folder.

    After the update the remote didn’t work. I did a find for a remote.conf and it was not there in the whole filesystem. I guess the file was deleted during the upgrade process. I copied a backup of remote.conf via Samba into the ‘Configfiles’ folder, rebooted the box and remote worked again.

    • Now my MXIII-1G works stable
    • WIFI works
    • Bloetooth doesn’t work
      Kodi screen shows ‘no Bluetooth-Adapter found’
      dmesg | grep Bluetooth looks OK for me
      [99.466830@1] Bluetooth: Core ver 2.16
      [99.467231@1] Bluetooth: HCI device and connection manager initialized
      [99.467247@1] Bluetooth: HCI socket layer initialized
      [99.467253@1] Bluetooth: L2CAP socket layer initialized
      [99.467267@1] Bluetooth: SCO socket layer initialized
      [99.496916@2] Bluetooth: BNEP (Ethernet Emulation) ver 1.3
      [99.496918@2] Bluetooth: BNEP filters: protocol multicast
      [99.496944@2] Bluetooth: BNEP socket layer initialized
    • System status for RAM usage shows 112MB / 539MB (it was the same in the former version)
      I do not understand why Libreelec sees only 539MB total Ram in a 1GB box. Is this normal or can it be a bug?

    The main reason for this is people ignoring request to create threads for their issues and posting proper logs.
    A new development build to test: LibreELEC-S905.arm-8.0-devel-20170415-audiotest.tar

    Please focus on audio testing as these are things I don't have equipment to test:

    • sampling frequency - proper 44.1kHz playback should work, please also check other frequencies
    • multichannel PCM audio, channel mapping
    • HD Audio, including Dolby Atmos

    I’m a bit limited in testing because of my old Rotel RSX1065 receiver but I like to give you feedback anyway. Audio works perfectly for me.

    Here is what I was able to test:

    PCM Stereo, set Kodi to ‘best match’, using S/PDIF
    44.1k material -> 44.1k playback (great sound)
    48k material -> 48k playback (great sound)

    PCM Stereo, set Kodi to ’44.1k’, using S/PDIF
    44.1k material -> 44.1k playback (great sound)
    48k material -> 44.1k playback (sound OK, but not as good as original sampling rate)

    PCM Stereo, set Kodi to ’48k’, using S/PDIF
    44.1k material -> 48k playback (sound OK, but not as good as original sampling rate)
    48k material -> 48k playback (great sound)

    PCM Stereo, set Kodi to ’88.2k’ (this format is not necessary, but it’s available in Kodi settings)
    44.1k material -> 96k playback (sound OK, but not as good as original sampling rate)
    48k material -> 96k playback (great sound)

    PCM Stereo, set Kodi to ’96k’, using S/PDIF
    44.1k material -> 96k playback (sound OK, but not as good as original sampling rate)
    48k material -> 96k playback (great sound)

    PCM Stereo, set Kodi to ’192k’
    my receiver can’t decode this

    AC3 - 5.1 passtrough, using S/PDIF and also HDMI
    48k material -> Perfect sound (my receiver doesn’t show bitrate)
    44.1k material -> Perfect sound (my receiver doesn’t show bitrate)

    AAC - 5.1 passtrough with conversion to AC3, using S/PDIF and also HDMI
    48k material -> Perfect sound (my receiver doesn’t show bitrate)
    44.1k material -> Perfect sound (my receiver doesn’t show bitrate)

    Hey guys, having time off but still have Tapatalk. [emoji56]

    Please observe if there are any audio issues in the dev build compared to 8.0.1e. I haven't posted any changelog but there is a fix for better fractional frame rates support and a change in audio handling.

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    Hi kszaq,

    the audio upsampling for 2channel PCM over S/PDIF (44.1 -> 48) is fixed in your devel-version 'LibreELEC-S905.arm-8.0-devel-20170409011740-r25791-g1fb98dc'. :) It was there in version 8.0.1e and former versions, but now it's gone and audio quality is great (as good as it was in Please keep this bugfix for future versions.

    Now music is played with the correct bitrate (44.1k) for standard audio, 48k for some rare audio files with 48k (e.g. sStereo DVD audio stream). Also the 5.1 passthrogh is working fine and with the correct bitrate (typically 48k).

    I continue testing this devel-version and give feedback if I find any issue.


    Hi, I have problem with playing audio.
    All music with a 44.1kHz bitrate are upsampled to 48kHz (HDMI and SPDIF). I think, this problem is in all 8.x versions. Audio with 96kHz plays correctly as 96khz. But files with 44,1 kHz play as 48 kHz.
    Have you somebody any idea? Advancedsettings, etc... ?

    I have the same problem. The only avalible solution for the moment it using Libreelec Version (based on Jarvis). You'll find more details here: