Upgrade current htpc for 4k HDR

  • Guys,

    Looking for a solution to upgrade my current setup (AMD A6-5400K) with another video card to support 4K and HDR playback. Also would like X265 10 bit hardware acceleration since I think my processor would be too slow. Is the GTX 1030 not capable of doing this? Other options available without breaking the bank?

    Thanks in advance.

  • The processor is not the problem. A GT1030 card can do most of the tricks but not in Linux/LibreELEC. Current Nvidia drivers for Linux are limited to 8bit video only.

    Alternatively, get a cheap AMLogic S905(x) box.

  • S905 doesn't actually do proper HDR. No linux box will. The best you can do for HDR is an android device like the Nvidia Shield