• That might indeed be the case. I have enabled the gpu override setting in flags and now it is says hardware decoding is enabled. But when playing a video it still does software decode. Quality is enough for the occaisional stream I watch though.


  • CvH

    I think with the latest version somethings related to NaCL plugin, eg. VNC viewer, SSL chrome app, is broken. I can't use all those apps anymore. But they were working fine before chrome browser itself and/or chrome addon updated.

    No debug log, sorry. I'm not with Libreelec machine right now.

  • hello,

    is or would it be somehow possible to open the browser with a specific site (not the default site)?

    i'm trying to open the chrome browser on my libreelec system via commandline.

    I've managed to get it starting using the kodi-send command.

    however it opens with the default homepage that is stored in the addon's settings.

    Is it somehow possible to pass an url so sites can be opened via remote?

    List of built-in functions - Official Kodi Wiki

    1. #!/bin/bash
    2. HOST="--host="
    3. PORT="--port=9777"
    4. kodi-send $HOST $PORT --action="RunAddon("
    5. sleep 1

    it would be nice if there would be a parameter or a way to pass an url for the chrome.browser's start via commandline , or a command to open it in a new tab if the browser is open already.

    can someone help? maybe the functionality is already there and i'm doing something wrong.

    thx guys!