Guide doesn't scroll when idle

  • Hello,

    I just moved from OpenElec to LibreElec.

    When I was using OpenElec, and if the Guide was left idle, it would continue to scroll. I would turn the TV back on, and I would be able to view the current channel line up. However, LibreElec doesn't do that. If I turn the TV off, and then several hours later I turn it back on, the guide was right were I left it, several hours old. I have to exit out of the guide, and then come back in to get an updated guide.

    I've reviewed the settings several times, and I don't see anything that I need to change to get the guide to scroll when its idle. Is there a setting that I can change, or something to tweak? Not that this is the worst thing in the world, just annoying.



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    At a Kodi level there isn't a significant difference between the two distro's so it's an unusual report. I'd be interested to hear what happens if you 'update' to progressively older LE releases which have 17.5, 17.4, 17.3 code. OE 8.0.4 has Kodi 17.3.

    NB: How it behaves on Krypton is now irrelevant for debug/fixing purposes because there will be no more Krypton releases and there are lots of changes to PVR in the Leia codebase. If you find/test an Leia image and it's still an issue, report it to Kodi developers via Kodi forums and it will be investigated.