setting up drives on new intel PC

  • I've built a new PC to be my HTPC

    MB: Gigabyte H270M-D3H

    CPU: i3-7100

    reusing my Asus GTX1050 2Gb Phoenix

    Questions are about when installing LibreELEC

    1: As the O/S will be on a SSD would 250Gb be too big ? - I have a spare one

    2: If I install an extra internal drive as storage (it's been formatted EXT4) will it show up and be fully useable

    intel i3-7100 / Gigabyte H270M-D3H / GTX1050 / STX Essence

  • 16GB is enough for the largest of Kodi libraries so 250GB is a little overkill unless you also want to store/play media from the same drive; but if it's a spare go use it. If you add another ext4 drive it should show up automatically.