Wetek Core LE 8.2.0 and freezing

  • Hi, I have Wetek Core (specs below):

    WeTek - Wetek Core

    In previous version of LE (8.1.2) if WetekCore/LE freezed during changing song (in library or not library mode) box has frozen from time to time. It wasnt big deal, because after few seconds Kodi (i saw Kodi screen) reloaded and started working again. In 8.2.0 if WC/LE freezes i wait even 15 mins and reloading doesnt start at all. I have to unplug box to make it working again.

    During freezing box doesnt respond to remote and i cannot log in SSH.

  • Erratum

    I confirm that in 8.2.0 Wetek Core freezes while changing song (i change or next autoplay). 1 correction. After box gets freeze, Kodi reloads. Like in 8.1.2. The issue i described earlier (no reload frozen box) exists in 1 album. So it mamy be problem of these files only.

    But freezIng on changing song still exists.