cannot get wireless/BT to work on ECS LIVA-MINI

  • So it worked?

    I'm not too interested in adding the txt files to our main distro as the driver-named file is not enough and I'd be concerned that the brcmfmac-sdio named files will conflict with other brcmfmac devices. I'd ask you to test a current milhouse release as well, as those will have newer kernels with newer versions of the brcmfmac driver. Plan C .. you need to learn how to self-compile an image to repeat the process I did (which is trivial).

  • ive been studying that. i have an i5 setup with ubuntu, but i think i like linux mint better. i cannot figure out how to introduce the parts of the build.

    i dont suppose i will be able to use make and makefile to add the the pieces?


  • and it just sort of showed up. cannot get iw anything its not fully activated

    here is the script they say to use to fix the kernal. i did not need to use it in mint.

    is this right way to do this?

  • i have a crazy question, i am at start compiling, followed the instructions, maybe i missed something.

    where do I put the files that i need to be compiled? At what point do I tell the machine what to put in the recipe ?

  • i am not working mint. i am working libre, as i have for the last few weeks. i had a sample script, i wanted to know if they were similar commands

  • You cannot update the running kernel from the console in LE, it has to be done via the build-system and baked into the OS image.

  • i understand that. that's why i decided to kill a few hours pulling from the git. but it doesn't tell you how to stack, mix or match the parts. is there a primer, some guide somewhere, besides the wiki that doesn't tell me how to import the files?

  • Put the three files in projects/Generic/filesystem/usr/lib/firmware/brcm/ .. create folders as required. The filesystem folder is a hack vs. properly modifying the sources of something, but it's the most expedient option for something this simple.