docker/nextcloud: too many redirects

  • Hello,

    I tried to install/config nextcloud on tvheadend 8.2 (odroid C2).

    Installation of docker and nextcloud workd without visable errors. If I try to log in to nextcloud I am asked to create an admin account and data storage. If I go further (assuming finish the config) I get the error message ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS. It's on URL https://[server]/index.php/apps/files/

    I did not change anything of the configuration. Data storage resides below user_data.

    What's the problem here?

    Thank you in advance for helpful hints.

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  • I just set up a fresh instance on a chromebox running LE 8.2 and after setting up with an sqlite database, I have no issues logging in and using it.

    Can you provide more info?

    Which LE distribution? X86? Arm?

    Are you using the LE box's IP address to access, or a domain name forwarded?

    Check the nginx logs under the config folder, both access and error and they might tell you what's wrong.

  • It's LE 8.2 on an Odroid C2 (arm).

    The host/domain from within my home network. Names resolved by own DNS.

    I just tried to access using the IP -- it works! I'll check with my DNS if the host is CNAME.

    Thank you for the hints. They put me on the right track.

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  • It has not been a persistant solution.

    Now, the problem occurs when using host, fqdn or IP.

    The host is resolved correctly (with or without domain) and in both directions. I didn't try it from within the docker container cause I don't have a shell in the container.

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  • Meanwhile I removed the container and it's configuration data. Then I reinstalled nextcloud and it works.

    Don't know what happened.. Maybe something odd in the configuration.