Livestreams Audio Delay/Out of Sync

  • I am experiencing a problem where whenever I watch a live stream (NHL games via the NHL.TV addon) the stream is out of sync (by about a second). I can manually correct this by either either forcing the stream to buffer (trying to skip ahead in the stream, which causes it to buffer and come back in sync) or manually offsetting the audio via the OSD. Either correction is temporary however, since gradually the stream will fall back out of sync (usually takes 5 or 10 minutes).

    For some background on my setup, I used to use this addon with both an ODroid C2 & Shield TV directly connected to my TV via HDMI, and I did not have these problems. However, this summer, I upgraded my setup and added in a 7.1 AVR (only set up in 5.1 for now) into the mix, which I believe is causing the problems. I have used the C2 with the AVR, as well as a MINIX U9-H (LE dual boot, now LE flashed to internal storage), and both have the same problems with audio sync of live streams.

    I can watch any other content on these boxes through the AVR (localy streamed videos from my server, as well as internet streams of youtube videos and NHL game replays) and I have absolutely zero sync issues.

    Here is a debug log showing me playing 2 livestream games (the first stream died on my almost as soon as I started it, so I selected another stream, and the audio was off), as well as 1 archived game. The livestreamed games had the audio off by about a second, while the archived game's audio was in sync.

    Dropbox - kodi.log

    I had originally posted this on the kodi forums, but didn't get much traction, so I figured I'd try on here as well. I'll try to grab an updated debug log from the U9-H tomorrow night when there is another game on.

    If there is any other information I can provide, please let me know. Thanks

  • Just to bump this thread, please see below for a live game with the sound off on the MINIX U9H with LibreELEC installed (latest available):

    Ubuntu Pastebin

    Next, please see below for a replay game where the sound is in sync (same box):

    Ubuntu Pastebin

    For both log files, I turned debugging on, restarted, went right into and started a game.

  • Any one with any ideas?

    I can get the streams in sync, but the video slowly goes back out of sync, and I need to keep adjusting the delay.

  • Thanks, sorry about that.

    I'm not using the C2 anymore (moved full time to the U9), but I'll try the C2 with raybuntu's build, as well as the official LE image and report back.

  • Perhaps you're not getting any support here because you're using a community build and posting in "General support" (which I don't watch).

    If you see the issue on the C2, try using Raybuntu's build (here: Release rb-krypton19 · Raybuntu/ · GitHub) or official LE build and tell us your results.

    Mod request: please move this thread to "Amlogic".

    Apologies for the delay, I just got back home from traveling and have finally been able to hook up the C2 with the above build from Raybuntu.

    See debug on a clean install with just the addon installed:

    Ubuntu Pastebin

    The sound still appears to be out of sync using this build as well. To test, I plugged in an old acer revo I had laying around and updated to the latest LibreELEC Krypton, and the streams run fine (audio/video in sync).

  • Also, just to add, one of the Kodi devs said that it looks like the problem is that stream has no timestamps and neither the C2 or U9h can handle this.

  • Just wanted to provide an update that I installed raybuntu's rb-leia19 build on my C2, and the audio/video sync issue has been fixed.

    Unfortunately, I can't install a leia build on my main box (u9H), as the emby for kodi addon is not yet compatible, but I'm happy that at least a fix is incoming (assuming it can't be backported to the 8.2 releases).