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    As answered before, this addon is not ported to KODI 18(Leia)

    You can ask skin developer, or stay on working skins

    It could not be fixed by CoreELEC developer

    Just FYI - the dev for that skin has recently released a Leia Alpha release in his repo that works pretty well.

    noxx When installing the skin, just make sure to select the Leia version of the embuary skin. I'm using it on 2 of my devices, and it is fairly stable.

    GDPR-2 Just wanted to see if you had a chance to look at my 2 update related questions since I know you get a lot of mentions.



    I saw that a devel tar was posted for s912 - thanks for that. I have a couple of questions based on the FAQ, so just wanted to be clear so I don't mess anything up.

    As background, I'm currently running 8.90.5 on a Minix u9h (installed to internal) and I'd like to upgrade to the latest s912 devel version so that I can take advantage of the 422 10bit green screen fix. In regards to my questions:

    • In the FAQ, you state that if you are installed to internal and you are upgrading from 8.2, you will run into problems. I saw in a previous post (here) that for the s905 devel build you brought back installtointernal, and that was safe to update to if you were installed to internal. I just wanted to confirm the same is true for this s912 devel build as well?
    • Also in the FAQ, it is stated that for updgrading we should copy the .tar to the .update folder, but to NOT copy the DTB. I wasn't sure if this instruction only applied to those folks running 8.90.6 & later, or even those running earlier builds (ie the 8.90.5 build that I am running on the u9h) should also not copy over the DTB?

    Thanks again for your (and all of the devs) hard work on this project.

    Just wanted to provide an update that I installed raybuntu's rb-leia19 build on my C2, and the audio/video sync issue has been fixed.

    Unfortunately, I can't install a leia build on my main box (u9H), as the emby for kodi addon is not yet compatible, but I'm happy that at least a fix is incoming (assuming it can't be backported to the 8.2 releases).

    Perhaps you're not getting any support here because you're using a community build and posting in "General support" (which I don't watch).

    If you see the issue on the C2, try using Raybuntu's build (here: Release rb-krypton19 · Raybuntu/ · GitHub) or official LE build and tell us your results.

    Mod request: please move this thread to "Amlogic".

    Apologies for the delay, I just got back home from traveling and have finally been able to hook up the C2 with the above build from Raybuntu.

    See debug on a clean install with just the addon installed:

    Ubuntu Pastebin

    The sound still appears to be out of sync using this build as well. To test, I plugged in an old acer revo I had laying around and updated to the latest LibreELEC Krypton, and the streams run fine (audio/video in sync).

    So IDK what's going on. I got the Sandisk Extreme micro SD card, used Rufus to load the LE image and the gxm_q200_2g.dtb file and after the Minix logo it's NOTHING but a blank screen, I reformat the LE image and this time I load up the gxm_q200_2g_minix_neo_u9.dtb, I get the LE splash screen, it installs, does the whole countdown to reboot, reboots, shows the LE splash screen then goes to black, just like the EVO card did with the OTHER image. So I then grab my 6 year old Patriot 8Gb USB drive, stick it in and BAM it fires right up.

    Is something wonky with the sd card reader on these things?

    I need to now decide if I want to just install to the device or boot from the Patriot stick and then use the internal memory.

    ETA in a fit of frustration I just installed to the device and it's working PERFECT. Guess I'm sending this card back to Amazon as well.

    Reading your post with the edits was like a view into my mind last week. Glad you got it working.

    Awesome, glad to hear that worked for you.

    For what it is worth, I had to return my A3 remote because the front buttons completely stopped responding. My wife likes to use our tablet as a remote (galaxy tab with IR), so I loaded up anymote on it, and the Minix profile on there works to turn the box on and off, and I just use Yatse when inside Kodi.

    The U9 is really a fantastic device.