How Test ethernet bandwidth (LAN)?

  • Hello,

    There´s a way to test bandwidth on internal network (lan)?

    I need to test speed between my server and tvbox

    - Box Android Mini M8S II (Amlogic S905X, 2GB RAM, 8GB ROM)
    - Ugreen USB Ethernet Adapter Usb 3.0 2.0 [ASIX AX88179 Chipset]
    - LibreELEC 8.2 (Nougat Kernel) builds aimed at devices based on Amlogic S905/S905X SoC.

  • Correct.

    To have iperf(3) on a LE Kodi box,

    you have to install "Network Tools" addon.

    For some reason "iperf client" could not connect to my "iperf server",

    and I had to run iperf3 on the server side.

    These are the results of my simple test (iperf -i t300 -c <server_ip_address>):

    This is on my cheap "karate" S905 box with Gigabit interface...

  • Hello,

    I am trying to run iperf3 on my installation of Libreelec on my two Amlogic Krypton boxes. But I am not sure from where to obtain the iperf package and how to install it. Can someone please point me into right direction?

    The specific questions that I have is which iperf package I need for Krypton Libreelec and which directory to put the package in? Are there any other steps involved to 'install' the package. I tried to find 'Network Tools' package which is supposed to have iperf included but I could only find the source code on github.

    Any help wold be appreciated.

  • Alright I installed the 'Network tools' add-on however I had to enable 'Unknown Sources' option under the Add-on menu.