Minix U9-h - no sound from headphone socket

  • Hi. I realise that the sub-heading of this section is "Amlogic S802, S805, S812 and S905, S905X builds" but I don't see a similar section for S912. Perhaps the sub-heading just needs to be changed...

    I have a problem with LE on my Minix U9-h and my googling led me to this thread which is the same problem on the Minix U1:

    Minix U1 LibreELEC 8.0.0b NO Audio on Headphone Jack

    I have an adapter containing 2 RCA jacks plugged into my U9's headphone socket but get no sound from my amp/speakers. Is this a known issue that's perhaps still waiting to be fixed? Thank you.

  • Amlogic kernels don't natively present hardware to alsa correctly so alsa isn't able to auto-configure things. We cleaned up their shitty coding for HDMI and S/PDIF but analogue hasn't received the same love (it isn't the same priority) and I wouldn't be surprised if it only works on limited devices and generally remains a bit broken. In the long-term Amlogic kernels are being completely re-written, but Amlogic chose to outsource that work instead of doing it in-house (not a bad things considering the quality of previous work) but they are proving to be dog-slow at funding the remaining parts we need (admittedly large and complex parts) before we can move up to a mainline Linux kernel.