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    I have so far configured two W95 boxes. They run Libreelec just fine, including the latest 8.90.6. Mine are used for IPTV with Zattoo using the PVR Module. Built in Wifi is not very good. Instead I use a kebidu Wireless Dual Band 802.11ac USB adapter from AliExpress. The long antenna helps with reception.

    I am just testing now and can confirm that this build also works on a W95 box with the S905W processor. Even the built in Wifi connects - albeit with low transfer rates. Better to use the LAN Port or an additonal USB Wifi adapter (in my case a kebidu Wireless Dual Band 802.11ac I purchased through Aliexpress).

    My sound and video playback requirements are very modest and since version 8.0.1b everything has been working wonderfully. What I have noticed however is that since 8.0.1c lag has been introduced into the time between when an interface action is shown on the screen (for example moving down through the menus) and when a user interface sound plays. The lag appears to occur primarily with the first interface action and sound timing then 'catches up' with onscreen action. The effect on the ears when rapidly moving through the menus is then first a lag and then rapid-fire staccato of the previously delayed interface sounds. I have turned interface sounds off for the time-being and this doesn't bother me. But I could imagine that at first glance other users may perceive the lag in sound as a slow overall interface reaction (which it is not).

    I found a workaround for the crashing IPTV streams. My IPTV provider (Zattoo) provides streams with 50fps.

    Hardware acceleration is on.

    In the player settings I set:
    Adjust display refresh rate: Off
    Sync playback to display: On

    In System setting I set:
    Refresh rate: 60

    It appears that the additional transcoding from 50fps to 60fps is preventing the stream from freezing.

    In my case an IPTV stream (Zattoo - h264 1024X576) will crash regularly after about 20 minutes. First there is a bit of buffering, then the picture freezes and sound continues and finally both sound and picture freeze. This freezing process all happens within a couple of seconds. The progress bar still shows the stream as 'playing' and it is possible to pause, rewind, etc. the stream.

    If I turn off hardware acceleration everything is fine and crashes don't happen.

    kszaq is 8.0.0e faster in switching iptv channels then 8.0.0d. 8.0.0d was rly slow 5 sec to switch between channels? in jarvis its like 1sec for hd. Thx for your answare

    Regards Rok

    Yes, I also see a massive difference in speed when switching iptv channels. In it takes about 1.5 seconds to switch to the next channel. 8.0-8.0.0e takes about 9 seconds. I think that is a problem of the new version of Kodi and not Libreelec as the effect is the same for Kodi Kryption on Android.

    There is a lot of mention about temperature in this forum. Are there any real concerns about high temperatures in relation to performance of the device or is it really nothing to be concerned about?

    What I can say from my own 'ownership experience' is that many manufacturers of cheap TV boxes don't install CPU coolers that are up to the task. A tiny cooler with just the surface area of the CPU simply won't be enough.

    @ kszaq

    Thank you. That seems to work.The available frequencies on the Scishion V88 Pro are exactly the same as in your example. As I lower the frequencies, the overall CPU utilization goes up. Just as expected. Astonishing that streaming will still sort of work even when the CPU is throttled down to just 100 MHz. At first sight the effect on CPU temperatures appears less dramatic - a couple of degrees, if any.

    How would I make the setting apply automatically with each boot ?

    Is there a way to deliberately make Libreelec operate the CPU at a lower than the maximum clock rate. I am asking because my TV box appears to be overheating. Idle is at about 73 degrees Centigrade and in use it will go towards 90 degrees. Sometimes playback will freeze and upon an immediate reboot the System information will sometimes show that only one or two CPU cores are operating. As temperatures creep up beyond about 85 degrees it also appears from system information that the CPU is 'shedding' cores to manage heat and eventually ends up with only one core left. I know that the coolers on these cheap TV boxes are often very flimsy and small and my box (Scishion V88 pro) is no exception to this. Also the S905X was probably not produced with the most cutting edge litographic process and advertised clock rates are higher than what the chipset can reliably sustain without active cooling. As the CPU utilization in IP TV applications rarely ever ventures into double digit percentage figures, the most efficient solution for me would be if I could reduce the max clock rate to say 1 GHZ and have an overall cooler and more reliable system. User of the Odroid appear to have found a possible solution. How would I implement this for the S905X ?