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    I love the latest 18.3 release, it works perfectly.

    Currently I have two Minix X8-H Plus units, one in the bedroom using the latest 18.3 which runs like a charm.

    But I have a second one that is part of my Hifi system. This Minix is still running a 17.3 build which has a great advantage - it starts up without a TV connected. Nothing is connected to it, only an network cable and an optical SPDIF cable to my DAC. I control it using Kodi Music Remote, a great app from the app store. Like this, the Minix acts as a streamer/bridge with a sound quality as good as high-end streamers such as the Auralic Aries mini.

    Problem is, that this 17.3 build doesn't have Wifi. So I'm still looking to get the 18.3 from datrh to work without HDMI connected. Then I can disconnect the network cable and use the streamer/bridge anywhere in my house (and I want it in my bedroom headphone rig).

    datrh, if there is any way I can help getting the Minix to work without HDMI connected, let me know. I have the 17.3 one working, I can SSH into it and do anything you'd need. Otherwise, I'm pretty much a noob on this, but can do what you ask me to do.

    I know many may want to retire their Minix X8-H Plus devices, or have already done so, but believe me, I'm an audiophile and I've compared the Minix to very expensive streamers and it is a shame to retire a device that makes such a good audio streamer. So if we get this to work, maybe many other owners can make it a great streamer/bridge or sell it to audiophiles who want a cheap and high-quality streamer that works up to 24/192 bit-perfect.

    I could just make one request- an earlier Kodi build was able to boot up without HDMI cables connected.

    One of my Minix units I use as a audio player with only spdif connected (no TV nearby) but this 18.2 won't boot with no TV connected. If that last thing would be possible, this would be the ultimate perfect build.

    Thank you so much datrh! The toothpick method worked, followed by an INSTALLTOINTERNAL from SSH and now it is working fine. It was a matter of minutes to get my Minix back alive.

    And... I am blown away. Everything works! Wifi works instantly, 4K works instantly, playing x265 at low CPU with hardware decoding works (even smooth in 4K), DTS pass through works, this is the most I've ever got out of my X8-H Plus. It is like having bought a new device!

    Thumbs up and thank you thank you thank you for your continued efforts to keep the Minix up to date!

    I have been quite active with my Minix a few years back but retired the device a while ago. Actually, I still own two X8HP's and recently decided to re-use at least one of them.

    I managed to put the Kodi 17.6 in a while back (running on internal) and today I tried the latest 18.2.

    I've always used the .tar method simply uploading the new firmware onto the update folder (on internal) and always adding the .nocompat just to be sure.

    So I did that for 18.2 from early May and then rebooted. Installation went fine, all OK and the device rebooted.

    But then, where normally I'd expect the splash screen, now I get this:

    ***Error in mount_flash: mount_part: Unknown filesystem ***

    ### Starting debugging shell for boot step: mount_flash... type exit to quit ###


    A flashing cursor so I'm in some kind of shell I guess.

    What should I do to get it back working?


    When I type exit in the shell, the LibreElec splash screen does come up.

    But a new error message appears:

    *** Error in prepare_sysroot: mount_common: could not mount /dev/SYSTEM ***

    ### Starting debugging shell for boot step: prepare_sysroot... type exit to quit ###

    Note that I've never used Libreelec from a flash card, always from internal.

    Is that version 17.3? does it have suspend and a boot logo on that build. The one from @Demitris does not have suspend.

    Could you link to the img.gz or .tar that you used I couldnt find it when I looked.


    Yes that's version 17.3 indeed. I got it here:


    It's the S812 LAN1000 .tar in there that I'm using and it is flawless.

    I just have the Minix in an inaccessible place, leaving it always an. A 10m long optical SPDIF wire goes through the DAC in my bedroom so it is running my bedside rig. Since no HDMI connected anyhow, there's no need to suspend. The Minix with only optical connected is hardly using any power even if always left on.


    I'm actually not sure if it is that build. Something tells me it was the June version but it is no longer on-line.

    If the mentioned version doesn't work for you, just PM me and I'll send it to you.

    Thanks a lot for checking. That unfortunately means that I'll stick to the version that I have today. It is the LAN1000 version from balbes150 that dates from April this year. The only build ever that boots without HDMI and has web services come up allowing remote control. It makes the perfect audio streamer for the price- I have compared with expensive streamers (NAD, Auralic and the likes) and the quality of the Minix with this build comes so close it is scary.

    Kodi Music Remote is really great by the way for those looking for a high quality audio streamer for only a small investment.

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    Who needs Android anyways. I've always installed OpenElec and LibreElec on NAND and never missed anything from Android.

    One thing- I'm currently running my Minix X8-H Plus without a TV attached, purely as music streamer for playing my FLAC collection from my NAS.

    The build I'm using now is allowing Kodi to start without anything connected to the HDMI port. I just have an optical cable to my DAC.

    For controlling Kodi I'm using Kodi Music Remote, which works fantastic.

    I'm afraid that by installing another build, I lose the option to have Kodi running without HDMI attached. All other builds I've tried don't have Kodi come up unless a TV is connected (even if it is off). So, can someone try out if with this build, Kodi comes up without TV attached? See if you connect using a remote from your iPad/iPhone.

    Been away for a while- any success on the BCM4335 models? I've got the Minix X8-H Plus, still without Wi-FI. I went through the whole thread but didn't see any report on that (unless I missed something), am I right?

    Just tried the LibreELEC-S812.MXIII_Plus.arm-17.3_20170614.tar on my Minix X8-H Plus. Good news: first build with 4K resolution working fine!

    That's one step ahead. LAN working, but no Wi-Fi with the BCM4335 of the X8-H Plus.

    Hi datrh

    Great to see that you're modifying the builds of balbes150 to get additional drivers in.

    Many X8-H Plus owners are desperate to get Wi-Fi working, and, contrary to the X8-H, the Plus has the AP 6335 Wi-Fi module.

    Maybe you can also add the driver for the AP 6335?

    The Broadcom drivers are outdated and don't work, but this page may help:

    WIFI module AP6335(bcm4339) get stuck on androi... | NXP Community

    I'm especially referring to this part in the answer:

    Good luck and thanks to you and balbes150 for all the great work and for not giving up!

    The test builds are efforts to get the Wi-Fi of the Plus working. The non plus has a different Wi-Fi, so I guess just reverting to the previous build which has Wi-Fi working on the X8-H non plus is enough?

    It's not made like the balbes150 images - it's less convenient. Only the toothpick installation works and all your settings are gone after installing. It's a fresh new box with a beta of Krypton. So that's very inconvenient.

    Auto refresh works, HD passthrough doesn't, x265 support does work but I think it is software decoding.

    If you don't care about Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, try the release for the M8S Plus that supports h265 hardware decoding and 4K video, see my previous post.