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    Happy New Year everyone!

    I have an Intel NUC6i7KYK with a M.2 SSD.

    I tried few times with no success to install on different partitions Ubuntu and LE.

    In the past worked OK with no EFI support and with a regular SSD and a different HTPC it was no problem to make partitions with USB stick Ubuntu, then install LE and then Ubuntu and via GRUB2 could set it up how to start.

    With M.2 SSD and EFI support it seems that complicates things for me a lot. Any help/guidance?


    I apologize for the mistake. It is LibreELEC, not long gone OpenELEC.

    Thank you for directions. I found it confusing since "Direct Downloads" shows the rasberry release and under just a rasberry icon. I did not figure that there is a pull-down menu since there is a rasberry icon only. Shouldn't be more... explicative?

    Thank you very much!

    The art of screwing up a relatively good install:
    The failure of starting xorg server used to happen once at two or three days. I have done exactly as per info, entering "touch /storage/.config/udev.rules.d/96-nvidia.rules" and then "reboot".
    Now the LibreELEC does not start, it stays stuck at xorg problem. I have rebooted and accessed ssh and entered the command again, the same result. Please take a look at the pictures. Please suggest what should I do.

    Looks like you just need one command via ssh

    touch /storage/.config/udev.rules.d/96-nvidia.rules

    then reboot.

    It happens to me too at boot. Sometimes during watching a video the image disappears and replaced with a black screen and then it comes back while the sound is working. I am not familiar with running a command via ssh but I will do some reading. (Update: done it after reading wiki)
    My question is if this issue will be addressed in the next release (eg 8.1)?

    I have a Zbox with Intel Atom running Libre 8

    I bought a S912 tv box mainly for IPTV and 3D movies but it comes with Kodi 16.1 under Android 6.0. I would rather use it only for Kodi.

    It is NOT fair to say that S905 and S912 are almost the same. To some respects it is true but for instance at 3D movies the S912 kicks ass to S905. Nevertheless, there are a lot of S912 boxes out there and I can not figure why someone like "chocho" and others will "professionally" advise you so strongly "do not buy S912"! Based on what really??

    Now if kszaq will not have the time to look into it (I hope he will still find a little for it), I hope there will be someone else to do it. Take a look at this thread, there are only 27 replies and almost 3000 views (at the time of my reply). Doesn't mean it is popular and it is worth to look into it?

    So basically we could say you will leave the current release "stable" 7.02 with bugs for few months to come or whenever the current beta will become final?
    Why there is no such statement somewhere so people will not try to fix and provide useless reports for the current release?

    It has passed more than a week and this page was accessed more than 40 times but it seems everyone is shy to look into it.
    I have done some reading and I understand that the problem of usb drives not connecting most likely comes from the kernel used and it has to do with usbcore by shutting/wakening before or after the proper timing.
    However, it seems to be unknown why in OpenElec 6.03 with the same kernel does not have these issues.

    The issues of Libre not rebooting from menu or the endless "waiting" sign, both problems exhibiting after suspend seem to be from Libre itself. I understood from my reading that with proper scripts and settings altered, these problems should be fixed but I do not know how and where to try it.
    I am willing to test whatever scripts/methods I am given but please let's look into it and make the 7.02 truly stable.

    As a future hope, I have took another SSD and installed LibreElec 7.90.006 alpha and all problems disappeared, unfortunately is not stable. But let's not forget that Libre 7.02 is released as STABLE but with aforementioned problems.

    :arrow: Bug notes:
    - After boot everything is working fine. The bug(s) reoccurs every time after suspend and consists in:
    - The usb hard drives connected via usb do not reconnect.
    - Sometimes the busy icon with "waiting" it is displayed indefinitely
    - When issued a "reboot" command from menu, nothing happens.
    - The same behaviour it was noticed in the previous version 6
    - Exactly the same h/w config works fine under older OpenElec (v.6) and Ubuntu 14.04

    HTPC: Zotac ID41 with Atom D525 @1.8GHz, 4GB DDR3 Ram, 120GB SSD, Nvidia ION
    Specs: ZOTAC International Limited ID41-U Specs - CNET

    2x hard drive bays by Mediasonic connected to USB2 via a USB hub or connected individually at dedicated USB ports
    Specs: Mediasonic

    Software: Running LibreELEC v.7.0.2

    At boot: System boots via a grub menu selectable to LibreELEC or Ubuntu 14.04
    Selecting Ubuntu, Kodi 16.1 works fine all the time, after suspend the drives connect OK, there are no issues.
    Selecting LibreELEC, everything is working fine, no issue until suspend. Once the wake-up command was send from remote and LibreELEC wakes, it fails to reconnect to hard drives regardless if the hard drives bays are connected via USB hub or to dedicated USB ports from HTPC.
    This behaviour it occurs every single time after suspend but it is working fine in Ubuntu and OpenELEC 6.

    After boot when everything is working:
    dmesg | pastebinit --> IQTj
    lspci | pastebinit --> KVbI
    lsusb | pastebinit --> HjWW

    After suspend and wakeup, the drives do not connect:
    dmesg | pastebinit --> dFWE
    lspci | pastebinit --> SEgK
    lsusb | pastebinit --> PhNB

    After disconnecting the hard drives from usb hub and connecting them to dedicated usb ports, still no hard drive connection. Issued reboot command from menu, nothing happens.
    dmesg | pastebinit --> WTOi

    Hard Reboot all OK, suspend and after wakeup, there is no hard drives connection and sometimes the busy icon with "waiting" and wheel turning is present indefinitely and the remote control and mouse are irresponsive:
    dmesg | pastebinit --> KaiR
    lspci | pastebinit --> NSZX
    lsusb | pastebinit --> McYI

    The LibreELEC log file; see attached or Dropbox - Kodilog

    Please let me know if I could provide any other info or test.

    I have installed the new 7.02 and it has exactly the same problems, so it appears it does not originate from kernel.

    To wrap things up shortly:
    - clean install on a Zbox, Intel Atom 1.8, 4Gb Ram, used "generic" version. I have two hard drives bays Mediasonic, usb2, each with 4 disk of 2TB each, all with EXT4 format.
    - All works fine after installation and at every reboot.
    - After suspend, the drives do not re-connect, the reboot menu does not work anymore. Ubuntu and Openelec do not have these problems installed in the same h/w config.

    I have posted some logs before using v.6 with the same problem but apparently nothing has been found to fix it. I wish to help and fix this problem that I am sure it is not specifically related to my config but probably to few Intel/Atom configs.
    Please suggest what to do and what to provide.
    How should I run "dmesg | pastebinit"? From another computer via terminal accessing the Libre via network? What is the login and pass?
    In terminal I do: ssh [email protected] (my htpc IP) but nothing happens. The SSH is enabled in Libre.

    I have SSH connected to Libre and after reboot, all drives connected OK, the "dmesg | pastebinit" command returned:
    Placed the htpc in suspend, wake, the drives did not connect. The wheel with "working" is all the time. Connected to SSH and the "dmesg | pastebinit" command returned:
    Please let me know what should I do.

    It is too early for me to try alpha, when it will be in the beta stage most definetly will test it.

    But since this bug appears to be a kernel issue, why the stable generic LibreELEC release doesn't have have some notes about its limitations?
    Even if I will somehow find the proper way to report issues about the kernel that most likely will not be corrected, will the LiberELEC developers include a new release with the updated kernel for the "stable" version?

    In most areas of free s/w it seems that once that a version is released nobody has the will to go back to fix the eventual bugs, instead all are focused on the new/alpha/beta releases and so every piece of software will never be complete or as stable as advertised. This is the case with Openelec too.

    It has passed more than 10 days since I opened this bug and it seems that there is no solution or people who would may find a solution simply did not have time or interest in looking into it.
    The release of LibreELEC v.7 is listed as a stable release but in fact with a very common system using Atom CPU does not work using USB attached drives.
    Is it possible to get any meaningful suggestion on a possible fix?

    I have checked the drives again and there is no issue reported with fsck command.
    I would say the problem must be evident if someone familiar with the coding would look into it. It may be from the kernel or not, the problem is still unsolved and unfortunately I cannot switch back and forth so easily from OpenElec to LibreElec. I am using this HTPC daily and I will swtich back to Libre if I would have to perform some meaningful tests with the hope that someone will really look into in order to fix this issue.

    The question is: Will anyone look serioulsy into to fix it or everyone here is focused on releasing next version and beyond?

    I have tested the drives with GParted using fsck comand (fsck -f -y -v -C 0/dev/sdxy) and found two drives with some "inode" issues (whatever that is). But no bad blocks and no major problems.
    I cannot attach (forum does not allow it) the two htm files with the repair report but unfortunately the drives test did NOT solved the wake and reboot problems.

    I hope this report will be looked into by coders. Until then I am forced to use Openelec.
    I have attached one file as a txt, if interested rename to htm to view it.

    Looks more like filesystem or bad blocks issue. The dmesg from OpenELEC indicates this as well. The biggest difference from OE6 to LE7 is kernel 4.1 vs 4.4, perhaps the older kernel somehow handles it better, I don't know.

    Did you try doing a full fsck and bad blocks check?

    I will do a full drives check in Ubuntu, thanks for suggestion. I will report back.

    Most forums that I am aware require to place any links in code tag but I will remove them.