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    Thank you! Will try it later on my Tronsmart MXIII device.

    Hey it sounds like you have the exact same device I have.

    Could you let me know how much success you have and if you can stop/fastforward/rewind a playing video without a system lockup?


    EDIT: After reading some obscure posts here and there, I found the lockups seem to ONLY occur when the refresh rate is set to 60Hz

    One of my TVs allows for 50Hz and that one works if I use that. But the other only has 60Hz and 24Hz. Using 24Hz is supper jumpy in the menus and durring playback. So I really cannot use the 50Hz solution. Either someone needs to fix 60Hz or I need to stay at LE 8.2.3 or I need to just abandon my Tronsmart MXIII-Plus boxes and get new ones. If I go the new box route, it is highly likely that I will not need LE at all.

    The only use case I see going forward for LE is to get KODI working on hardware that generally does not run KODI well in the first place. I am fairly certain that newer boxes will have better implementation of MediaCodec and thus will not need LE.

    When it comes to music I use to use open software called RockBox. That project is pretty much dead because who uses MP3 players anymore? I think LE could eventually head down the same path.

    Hi Balbes,

    Can you please update to Leia 18 final version.. waiting since Nov. 2018.

    Thanks in advance.

    Not to take away from the good work that Balbes has done, but have you tried going back to the pure android version?

    The biggest reason I started using LE was that the pure android version of Kodi 17.6 had horrible jidder problems when it tried to play a movie at 24FPS and it couldn't change refresh rate of the TV away from 60FPS.

    Just a few weeks ago I decided to give Kodi 18.1 a shot because of the fact that S812 has a kernel issue, being stuck at 3.10, which is making it difficult for the developers here to create a 9.0.1 version.

    I was stunned to see little or no jidder. There was a tinny amount when the movie started. Then I cranked up "Enable HQ scalers to 90%" and that disappeared.

    So now I am happy just running the standard android distro and now I can use android again if I wish.

    Actually I think I am going to go back to using the Android version.

    I started using libreelec because the 17 versions of KODI all had problems displaying smooth videos on my Tronsmart MXIII-PLUS boxes.

    I had found out that this was because the hacked up Tronsmart mediacodec really did not handle resolution changing, very gracefully at all.

    However, KODI 18.1 on my Tronsmart MXIII-PLUS Android 5.1.1 boxes, seem to be perfectly smooth right out of the box, no tweaking needed.

    It did so for me as well until I set the display resolution (Settings-System-Display-Resolution) to 1920x1080 (for me it defaulted to 1280). I would assume you'd need to match whatever your TV's resolution is and set the whitelist to match.

    Mine was already at 1080. I tried changing down to 720p. I tried different HDMI cables. I Tried different HDMI inputs on my TV. (BTW my TV is a RCA 48" LED Dont know the exact model but that should be new enough) Nope 17.6 works nice. Any suggestions for getting 18 to work so far has resulted in hard lockups when trying to stop a video or scroll backward or forward.

    EDIT: Still waiting for a 9.0.1 version. The base 9.0.1 has been out for about 2 weeks now.

    file:settingssettingslevel-leia.png -> set to "expert mode" => adjust display refresh rate -> start/stop => define a whitelist eg : your tv runs at 1080p 60hz. In the whitelist put :1080p 60hz 1080p 24hz

    like this your tv refresh rate will change to 24hz when is needed, limiting the judder.

    I did this and it still locks up Kodi when I hit the stop button or try and scroll forward or backward.

    I realize this may be disloyal to this forum but Alex has Leia 18.2 RC1 working great on the ARM. I've SD installed the AlexELEC-S9XX.arm-3.0.4.img.gz

    I'm sure Alexelec does good work and I'm sure its all legitimate, but the addition of extra gaming stuff makes it feel way too "BUY THIS UBER LOADED BOX"ish to me. I would much rather have just a clean Kodi install and add what I like later.

    Thanks for the suggestion though.

    I hate to be a ME2. But ME2.

    However, give Demitris some time. LE 9.0.1 is out and it takes time to get a distro ready.

    And I could swear I remember reading somewhere that the forward/backward stuff has been fixed in Kodi 18.1

    Its already there StackPath

    Will wait patiently for 9.1 to be tagged

    Thanks for your hard work so far. This works on my Tronsmarts.

    However, UPNP connections seem to be broken. When you try and connect to a UPNP server via file browser, KODI crashes and reboots.

    Since this is fairly new, thought I would just let you know of a possible problem.

    I personally prefer UPNP for things that should be streamed like videos and music.

    EDIT: If I remember right there was a recent known bug in the linux UPNP library that was causing segfaults, that was recently fixed.

    EDIT2: Hmmm. Looks like it's Kodi itself that has a bug with UPNP. I tried to revert to Android on one of my Tronsmart MXIII-PLUS boxes and installed Kodi 18.1 Trying to use UPNP still caused a crash even there.

    EDIT3: Never mind. I found the problem. In K17 you didn't have to do anything other than add a UPNP source. Looks like in K18 you NEED to turn on UPNP in services first. Its working nice and smooth now.

    Demetris just want to let you know LibreELEC-S8X2.arm-8.2-MXIII-PLUS.img.gz is working great on my 2 Tronsmart boxes.

    I saw your post about the latest release notes, and I noted that the issue I was seeing about samba is by design. Since I don't mind typing the name of my server in myself, I have no issue with it not showing anything in the list.

    Having trouble getting this to take on my box, I've tried with the usb creator, loading the files on the usb formatted to FAT 32 and can view and install the update file but nothing else.

    I'm pretty sure you know about the toothpick method of dual booting boxes like this. Just ignore me if you do.

    If not, there is usually a switch in the back of the AV plug and you need a toothpick to reach it. Hold the switch pressed while powering on the box until the first logo appears then release it. This will usually set the box into dual boot mode and as long as the USB/SD card is connected, you should not have to do that again.

    Also, I know my Tronsmarts do not like USB for dual booting. I have to use a SD card. In case that helps.

    Hey Demetris, I just wanted to let you know that I have LibreELEC-S8X2.arm-8.2.RC4-MXIII-PLUS.img.gz working great on 2 Tronsmart MXIII-PLUS's that I own.

    Thanks for all the effort you have put in.

    I do have 2 things that I have noted, that are really minor annoyances for which I have workarounds, but I would like to let you know them in case you would like to look into them at a later time.

    First, I think there is something not quite right with your samba setup. When I go to the browser and choose SMB, I would assume that I should see my "WORKGROUP" workgroup at least, but nothing shows up. I get around this by "Adding source" and typing the machine names that I have setup, by hand. It does a good job of finding the machine by name. I don't even have to use the IP address.

    Second issue, is that I have one older flat screen that has REALLY poor CECS. On this, when I first startup Libreelec on the Tronsmart, since it does a bad job of reporting correct resolution, I get "Invalid format" over and over until Kodi itself starts up, and then everything is OK. I don't know if there is any way of solving this, but I really don't need too, since KODI works fine, once it is running. I just cannot see any of the setup Libreelec is doing when I first burn an image including the Libreelec splash screens. Since my other flat screen is newer, it works just fine.

    For what its worth, those are the only 2 issues I see and obviously minor annoyances at best.

    EDIT: I think I might see why I am having trouble with my older flat screen. Apparently, a recent change to HardKernel changed the default U-BOOT to always be 1080p. My older flat screen only does at most 1080i. Unfortunately, I have no idea if there will ever be a fix.

    EDIT2: I just solved the screen issue by going back to Android, and playing around with a couple rounds of rebooting after changing the screen resolution, and making sure that the Tronsmart logo splash screen comes up consistently. Then I restarted Libreelec, and magically the entire powerup and LE logo shows.

    The script to be on the first partition (FAT). It is not required to establish rights. You can save the primary version on the PC or rename it, and copy your new version. This Not dangerous . If you have doubts, show the contents of the new script.

    The following did not fix it...

    setenv bootrootfs " boot=LABEL=LIBREELEC disk=LABEL=LIBREELEC_DISK BOOT_IMAGE=kernel.img hdmitx=cecf hdmimode=720p"

    I noticed that one has a "p" on it where the others don't.

    I know that 720p is the correct mode for that screen.

    BTW, this really is only a minor annoyance so if I never get it fixed, its not a big deal.

    HMMM. I just noticed. I wonder if I should remove hdmitx=cecf

    mkimage -A arm -O linux -T script -C none -d s805_autoscript.src s805_autoscript

    Details on the Assembly is there.

    GitHub - 150balbes/Amlogic_s905: SRC for Amlogic S905 (Tronsmart Vega S95 Telos Meta Pro) etc.

    And then there is collection of different files to run different systems, where you can find different examples.

    Amlogic_s905/script at master · 150balbes/Amlogic_s905 · GitHub

    OK I built a new s805_autoscript, but I am not exactly sure how to get it back into the correct position on the box.

    Do I need to "chmod a+w /flash"?

    That sounds uber-dangerous.

    You can create your option settings and to gather with him a new way SYSTEM (it's Packed with root system).

    To all

    update image MXIII_Plus 20170614

    Just tried 20170614 on both my livingroom and bedroom Tronsmarts. Working great as usual, except for the "Invalid format" Libreelec splash screen issue on my bedroom setup I described before. I think you were saying that that is just the way its built into SYSTEM. I am going to keep looking though. There has got to be some way to fix that, maybe through modlines or something else. I am not sure how to go about "building option settings" All I am familiar with is the old school linux xorg.conf

    This works great as designed for my living room Tronsmart MXIII-plus.

    But I may need to keep SPMC 16.4.2 around on my bedroom setup for a number of reasons mostly dealing with an unorthodox sound setup.

    OK ignore this. I figured out a much better way to get the alarm sounds I want. (you probably were already ignoring it anyway) :-p

    But now I have another REAL issue, that I think should be fixable.

    First my hardware.

    Tronsmart. MXIII-PLUS with Cortex-A9 Amlogic S812 Quad-core CPU and Octa-core Mali-450 GPU.

    The latest and greatest BALBES Libreelec runs well on this in my living room. But I have a problem with the screen in my bedroom.

    The screen is a Westinghouse SK-26H735S (yes old screen but still serviceable)

    The problem is that old screen, really really REALLY does not do EDID well and does not like the default startup mode that the latest and greatest version of BALBES Libreelec uses.

    The screen hands me about 5 or so "Invalid mode" splash screens until KODI finally comes up and since I have the correct mode in KODI I finally get a picture.

    Is there anyway I could setup a xorg.conf for the Mali-450 and force a resolution?

    All the pages I have read out there, are only to setup an xorg.conf when you have nvidia hardware.

    Thanks for any help anyone can give me.