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    If it´s only Wetek -> HDMI -> TV it might highly depend on the EDID which is delivered and what options are available.

    If the chain looks like explained above there´s also no benefit of using passthrough as your TV only has 2 speakers. So it´s 2 channels anyway.

    "" that looks like a strange IP address an ofc there´s no route to the host if the accessing machine is in a completely different network. IP adresses are most likely given if the DHCP server couldn´t submit an IP to the machine (DHCP IP range low, DHCP disabled or whatever).

    So I would recommend to check which IP (for example) your laptop or desktop has and probably change the IP of the LE device manually to something else if you are sure the connection (wired or wireless) to your network at home is fine. For windows machines the command to check the machines IP adress is ipconfig.

    For linux based systems it´s ifconfig or ip a.

    Let´s assume your machines have something like you can´t ofc use the same IP on the LE machine. You have to use something different. I wold suggest some higher number at the end. Try:

    Manually editing the IP adresses is done at the LibreELEC settings: LibreELEC Settings []

    Anyway...without the log we can´t tell anything. The IPs shown in the log are only your internal IPs and should all start with "". So there´s generally no problem sharing them. The IP from my NAS is and you can´t do anything with that info ;)

    The log would tell us exactly what´s happening. The only thing where it might be kind of hidden is, if you might have set-up a cronjob doing the automatic library scan via some "kodi-send"-command or a JSON request. Then there should be at least something from Kodis webserver be mentioned in the log. But I guess you would know if you have done that, because that has to be done manually via commandline.

    Most likely a problem with your electric installation. Call an electrician near by and see if he can fix it. Not a general Kodi problem. And solving eletrical problems via internet forums is a PITA and also pretty dangerous. I´ve seen ppl writing pretty much nonsense and bullshit.

    Call an eletrician is the best advice one can give.

    Tbh, that service looks pretty suspicious.

    In other words, you are subscribing to a piracy service and therefore you won´t get any support for that in here. Sorry

    But the hints given and a little bit of google will help you already ;). But for given reasons, I will refuse to create that file for you.

    Nothing personal and don´t take any offense.

    I tried apt-get, and it seems that libreelec has no support for apt-get.

    No, that's not possible with LE. LE is a read-only system which doesn't have any kind of package manager such as apt.

    If you want to use apt, you need another distro. But I guess that's not needed anymore as it will be available like cvh said.

    we would help, if you would have provided a full debug log. If you don't, we can't help at all

    Those snippets from above don't help at all. Also the reference to OSMC doesn't help as OSMC is a completely different distro.

    Please provide a full logfile at So we can at least be sure what you might have installed

    If you would tell us, which Add-on you would like to start after Kodi starts, we could write the script for you.

    In some ways, it depends on if the add-on is a plugin or a script. You have to use different built-in python functions to make it work properly.

    So please tell us, which Add-on you would like to auto-start.

    Ok, thanks for the feedback

    I purchased the DVD today (just because I want to reproduce). I ripped it using AnyDVD to an ISO file and I also copied the complete disc to keep the dvd-structure.

    No matter where I play the file from (from my NAS using SMB and NFS or from a USB thumb drive), I don't have any issues playing this movie.

    I don't have DVDFab to test with. And for sure I won't purchase that ;)

    In the end we can't reproduce your issue at all. Good for us, not that good for you ;)

    I did copy one of the broken films to USB drive and it wouldn't play there either.

    I don't see that in the logfile. All I see is, that you are trying to open the file from the SMB source. Could you please show us a logfile where you are playing the file from the device itself?

    I will also purchase this DVD today. That's the 2nd report we have with Disney related DVDs not play.

    I would also be interested in how you ripped that moviie? While using Windows I can use AnyDVD to either get the full DVD structure (like you did) or also get the movie in an ISO.

    While using Linux I use MakeMKV. And I highly guess I won't have any problems using that MKV file. But that's not part of the story. I'm interested why it doesn't play the DVD structure.