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    But you can't keep the Pi running all the time then?

    Check out the pimon screensaver (GitHub - timker/kodi.screensaver.pimon). It doesn't actively shutdown or standby the TV, but it will turn off the HDMI signal from the Pi. And if your TV has a setting to turn-off/standby after a period of no signal, it pretty much doesn't what the OP asked for.

    I've been using it with LE for quite some time now, and it work quite well.

    I'm running an Intel NUC with a MythTV backend and EDL no longer works for me with 7.95.2 whereas it was fine on 7.95.1. Show plays fine up until the first commercial skip. The display goes black but I can manually skip forward or back. Interesting observation about the timeline. I'll check mine and work on posting the logs.

    I would guess that if you just wait after the display goes black, then it will eventually begin playing OK again (after the length of time of the skip has passed). I would be interested in having you confirm if you see the same behavior.

    I use LibreELEC running on an RPi 3 as my primary user interface/client. I have the recording drives mapped as SMB drives from my NextPVR server to the RPi and use advancedsettings.xml with path substitution to redirect the player to access the .ts files directly from the SMB drives rather than via NextPVR's HTTP streaming (in order to get .edl skipping support).

    Recently I've been having problems with several recordings where the playback will stall for various lengths of time (from seconds to minutes). Sometimes Kodi will display a Buffering message. Other times it just stalls for a while before beginning playing again. Often this happens during/after a commercial skip or a manual skip forward during playback. So far, I haven't been able to track down the cause. I don't think that it is network/hardware related. It seems more like it is related to the contents of the .ts file because some files will exhibit this problem multiple times during playback and other files will play just fine.

    I just updated to the latest LibreELEC Beta (v. 7.95.2) and am still having the problem. When the problem happens, the kodi.log file is showing some/all of these errors:WARNING: CRenderManager::WaitForBuffer - timeout waiting for buffer
    ERROR: CDVDAudio::AddPacketsRenderer - timeout adding data to renderer
    ERROR: Previous line repeats 73 times.
    NOTICE: CVideoPlayerAudio::Process - stream stalledAnd when this situation just happened while playing a file, I turned on debugging (at 14:43:42 in the attached kodi-smb.log), continued waiting and watching through a couple of skips, and then zipped the attached logs.

    To rule out the LibreELEC/RPi SMB client, I tried switching to NFS. Still the same problems. (see the kodi-nfs.log file)

    I'm wondering if anyone else is seeing similar problems or has ideas about where I look next to try to fix the issue(s).

    Another discovery: During automatic commercial skipping, if I display the timeline on the screen while playback is "stalled", it shows the current position proceeding through commercial section in real-time (while the audio and video are black). And then when it gets to the end of the commercial section, there is a brief "stutter" and then playback continues normally.


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    Probably a better default anyway since most users won't edit their hosts file.

    I don't think that this would be a better default (at least not long-term). A local hosts file (if it/an entry exists) should override a broadcast.

    Now, if there is a known bug with the SMB client as used by Libreelec/Kodi which can't be fixed easily, making a temporary change to the default as a work-around would be acceptable if it was well documented (in the forum, release notes, comments in the actual file, etc.) that it is a work-around in version xx for a specific problem then it would seem ok.

    This problem sounds very similar to what I reported here:

    You might try changing "Sync playback to display" to On and see how it plays for you (and if you get the overheating yellow box in the upper right corner).

    as of v7.90.005 this issue still persists. the system is constantly skipping frames.

    I just began testing v7.90.005 on an RPi 3 (with MPEG-2 H/W license). My initial (upgraded) settings were:

    "Adjust display refresh rate": "Off"
    "sync playback to display": Off
    "Allow hardware acceleration - OMXPlayer": Off
    "Allow hardware acceleration - MMAL": On

    "Audio Passthrough | Enable passthrough": On

    And I am seeing dropped and skipped frames causing "jumpy" video (audio sounds OK, but it is the sync is messed up since the video is jumpy).

    If I change just "Adjust display refresh rate" to "On start/stop", I still get dropped and skipped frames (although maybe not quite as bad?).

    If I change just "Sync playback to display" to On, then the dropped and skipped frames (mostly) go away and the file seems to play OK. However, the CPU usage is considerably higher which leads to the Pi's thermal throttling kicking in (the yellow box in the upper right corner appears). If I let it continue playing, the box will then turn red (as the temperature continues to rise). If I pause the playback, then it will quickly cool off and the box goes away. This behavior leads me to believe that the hardware MPEG2 acceleration isn't being used. :(

    EDIT: I've attached a kodi log with debugging enabled showing playback in each of these 3 successive scenarios.



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    I'm running LE 7.0.2 (had the same problem with 7.0.1) on an rPi 3. Trying to play .ts files served from my Windows 7 Pro server. I normally use the X-NEWA client for NextPVR to watch recordings. Sometimes, certain recordings just won't play from within X-NEWA. Even with the "normal" debugging logging turned on, the kodi.log file just shows:

    1. 23:02:11 479434.750000 T:1963225088  NOTICE: DVDPlayer: Opening: D:/NPVR Recordings/Devious Maids/Devious Maids.S04E06.The Maid Who Knew Too Much.ts
    2. 23:02:11 479434.750000 T:1963225088 WARNING: CDVDMessageQueue(player):[img][/img]ut MSGQ_NOT_INITIALIZED
    3. 23:02:11 479434.750000 T:1258283936  NOTICE: Creating InputStream
    4. 23:02:11 479434.750000 T:1258283936   ERROR: smb://WALLY/NPVR Recordings/ - error opening [D:/NPVR Recordings/Devious Maids/Devious Maids.S04E06.The Maid Who Knew Too Much.ts]
    5. 23:02:11 479434.750000 T:1258283936  NOTICE: CDVDPlayer::OnExit()
    6. 23:02:11 479434.750000 T:1963225088  NOTICE: CDVDPlayer::CloseFile()

    The "CDVDPlayer::OpenInputStream - error opening" part indicates the problem. Note: advancedsettings.xml path substitution is changing the "D:/NPVR Recordings/" to "smb://WALLY/NPVR Recordings/". Now, the really weird part is that I've got the same folder included as a video library. If I go to the video library and select the same file, it will play just fine. Then, when I go back into X-NEWA, it will also play just fine. Also, other files from the same "D:/NPVR Recordings/" or "smb://WALLY/NPVR Recordings/" share will play just fine. So, it does not appear to be a problem with the SMB client locating the share.

    I've done the "Enable component-specific logging..." for "Verbose logging for the SMB library", but it didn't seem to give me any more info about the error in the Creating InputStream. (See the attached complete log file.) So, I tried using the advancedsettings.xml <loglevel>3</loglevel> setting which is supposed to give extremely verbose SMB logging. The problem is, that with this extremely verbose logging enabled, every file would open and play from X-NEWA.

    It's been very frustrating trying to track down. Maybe it is some sort of timing issue??? The thing is that when a set of recordings fail to open, they will consistently fail until either I go open them directly from the Kodi video library or reboot with <loglevel>3</loglevel>. After doing either of those, then all of the recordings that failed before, work successfully!

    I'd like to see us extend the capabilities of the LE settings addon to include more pi config things. The need for overclock settings has died out now that pi2 and pi3 have more RAM and higher clock speeds, but things like codec licenses and some other basics should be possible. @gda is correct stating that these are things you only need to set once in the life of a pi, but as pi devices represent ~65% of our userbase I think we can do more.

    I would disagree a little bit about the "only need to set once in the life of a pi" part. If you do a fresh/clean install, you need to reset things. And, I've used this add-on to adjust HDMI/CEC settings and Overscan settings when moving a pi from one tv/monitor to another.

    You can probably just use repository.leopold/ at master · LS80/repository.leopold · GitHub