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    5schatten update from beta to beta15a:

    [FAILED] Failed to start Xorg server.


    Downgrade from 15a to 15.

    Kodi is running again

    I've fixed this by editing the es_systems.cfg

    It used now the *-nokms file to start a emulator

    will try to disable the IGP tonight.

    What hardware are you looking for?

    5schatten what do you mean? Using both HDMI outputs together?

    PCSX2 also won't start.

    Well you can use the onboard HDMI as audio output while the GPU for video that shouldn't be a problem. About the menues -> have you set a custom DPI as I told you?

    Something like this should work, but you have to adjust it to your setup.…guring-a-custom-xorg-conf

    Little update from me... the custom DPI works great... thx.

    Menu's are now fine.

    Beta 09a is online:

    • updated to latest LE9.0 upstream
    • updated Generic/RPi kernel to 4.18.11
    • updated to SDL2 2.0.9-dev
    • updated several libretro-cores
    • updated dolphin & citra
    • updated citra start script -> force SDL2 audio engine
    • added back libretro-citra
    • added libretro-mame2010 to KVIM & RPi builds
    • fixed genesis gx plus for non RPi arm builds

    Started today with a fresh install on the new hardware ... same story ... Its a Nvidia driver thing... the menu's are to big to fit on the screen(the resolution is to low)... using the MB hdmi runs with sound and the menu fits... :(