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    getting somewhere...not sure if it s the right track i m taking but it's a workaround for now...I built a second Tvheadend server locally as the main 1 is on the other end of europe..

    Then I m using ffmpeg pipe to feed the local server with the main server dvbt streams..

    The only main issue I got for now is that the video in entering ffmpeg as 16:9 and coming out as 4:3 not sure why...altough stretching it again to 16:9 from kodi settings looks fine again..

    As I am using the service name picons for me it's something like this file:///storage/picons/tvh/daserstehd.png

    But as I said in the browser looking at the details in EPG the Picons are there. Also http://serverip:9981/imagecache/20 shows the correct image for channel 20. So for some reason it's not making the way to Kodi. Also setting up a path to the picon folder in Kodi doesn't work.

    are you sure there are no spaces?probably picon names and services names are not matching

    There is some kind of communication as on hd uk channels its working properly...

    If a channel on tvhat is playing and a recording starts on different mux the xbox tuner kicks in and start recording...but altough hd recordings are fine from xbox..the sd are distorted and broken.Actually there is no picture from xbox when playing live sd channels..The recordings are playable but picture broken..

    I ll try to get a debug log...hopefully via url as rpi is far away from me on the other side of europe..

    So I setup a Rpi3 with rpi Tv Hat and Xbox Tuner..

    My issue is that the Rpi Tv Hat is working fine and scanned all the muxes and found all channels and they play nicely...but the xbox tuner altough it found all channels they don t play at all...only the HD ones are working..I m using it for UK freeview at a family's house so getting logs is a bit of issue but I can try to explain..

    I do have VNC access to the pi..

    Rpi3 has mpeg2 license working properly..

    I did try the xbox tuner on it s own without splitter but it's the same..

    Using latest LE 9.0.1 official for Rpi2/3

    some of tvheadend log

    Even cheap ancient routers allow port forwarding with an different port, so you can forward 254 times the same port to whatever you want for the outside.

    This should work without recompile anything. you mean it's not possible to change port for Tvheadend server in LE without recompile?No big issue just asking

    Probably it won't work without your camera drivers...but you can always use a picamera and rpi-tools addon from libreelec repo have a look here and here then use something like tvheadened server to record your camera..

    Never tried it myself so no idea how to setup stream url etc...just an idea so you have something to begin with..