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    Look i know it has probably been asked a thousand times but my Libre elec os has failed today and is now useless as i cant get anything installed if it needs to restart. It keeps going back to safe mode. I have no idea of how to rectify or what caused it. I am not a brain surgeon or a tech wizard , i have tried some suggestions from Kodi people but still wont work properly. Is there anyone hear who can do a walk through in lamens terms please as im about to throw it in the bin. Please help asap.

    Although your best bet is post a log and try to get some help regarding your crash and what's causing it..a temporary workaround would be to create a file and name it


    place it in:


    That will disable safe mode..

    Thanks for quick info..I asked as I v seen a post elsewhere that has nothing to do with LE, which made me wonder:


    There is no support for hardware accelerated VC-1 or MPEG2 on Raspberry Pi, even on existing devices where codec packs have been purchased.

    There is also no deinterlacing for Live TV with hardware acceleration on Raspberry Pi, but we are hoping that support is introduced later at some point with a Kodi 19 point release. This should be less of an issue on Raspberry Pi 4, which should be able to handle deinterlacing in software.

    Did I Understand properly regarding hardware decoding on RPi 2 that mpeg2 video won't work anymore with rpi licences but is done via software?

    Main issue is will live Tv be affected?

    sh /storage/.config/ results in:
    LibreELEC: ~ # sh /storage/.config/
    LibreELEC: ~ # File "/storage/.kodi/userdata/scripts/", line 51 os.system ("echo" Raspberry Pi Shutdown! "> / dev / pts / 1") ^
    SyntaxError: invalid syntax

    os.system("echo "Raspberry Pi Shutdown!" >/dev/pts/1")

    try copy and paste this exactly..

    below is moved few bits:

    os.system ("echo" Raspberry Pi Shutdown! "> / dev / pts / 1")

    It worked reason it doesn't work for can open more terminal windows to test from one to the other and you ll see the message popping up..

    I m not great with python hence i gave you the shell version of the r basically sending an sh command from a py script..

    I m not sure what your script is for but if it's something important you can even send an automated email from libreelec to your email..

    try before line 50 in your script add

    os.system("echo "Raspberry Pi Shutdown!" >/dev/pts/1") 

    that is for 1 open terminal

    if you have more then

    to find all open terminals

    find /dev/pts

    then you can edit your script ex

    os.system("echo "Raspberry Pi Shutdown!" >/dev/pts/1")
    os.system("echo "Raspberry Pi Shutdown!" >/dev/pts/2")
    os.system("echo "Raspberry Pi Shutdown!" >/dev/pts/3")


    that should send a message to all terminals

    "Raspberry Pi Shutdown!"

    Check your script if you just created it for any errors DOS format and not UNIX?

    this should start your script like on startup..

    sh /storage/.config/

    run this on

    dos2unix /storage/.config/
    chmod 777 /storage/.config/

    the in your zip file is in windows dos...needs to be unix format..but might have changed by uploading or downloading or whatever..not sure...try those 2 commands and you should be good to go..

    I had a cable like that for a long time connected to my pi2 and hdd never gave me problems...Now I got an external hdd connected which is a little better aesthetically but nothing else..

    If I want just to start rpi only do I need to add the dtoverlay=gpio-shutdown to config.txt. and 1 maybe stupid question - where is this config.txt file on pri4

    To power up, all that’s required is to connect physical pin 5 (BCM 3) to the ground next to it. This functionality is enabled by default.

    To shut down with the same button, just add the line dtoverlay=gpio-shutdown to /flash/config.txt

    config.txt is read only

    to edit ssh

    mount -o remount,rw /flash

    then to make it read only again

    mount -o remount,ro /flash

    True for the reboot and shutdown. In fact I am using the Kodi app on the phone as a remote control but for the activation I can not use it

    So you said just shorting pin 5 and 6 will start rpi( you mean GPIO3 and GND)??? Directly shorting them with nothing else?

    Yeah thats what I mean gpio3 and the gnd across add dtoverlay=gpio-shutdown to config.txt..

    Mario77, Da Flex,

    Your explanations are very useful. I was thinking to implement such a button on my Pi4 BUT I was thinking... What if the power button is with IR for the regular TV or Bluetooth from the phone. Is this possible to be done? I think this will be just a bit better for usage

    Thanks again for your explanations!

    That will be usefull just for startup if it works...basically reboot and shut down are the same as the ones you r using now from Kodi power you can set the remote buttons even without switch..

    Just a quick idea is a transistor between pin 5 and 6 and an ir receiver connected to it...basically if you short pin 5 and 6 rpi will start.

    Thank you!

    speed steps in script are low so you dont see much difference by looking at the fan

    tempSteps = [30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75]  # [°C]
    speedSteps = [0, 35, 45, 50, 55, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100]  # [%]

    try to change the steps and you ll see a big jump from 50% to 100%

    something like:

    tempSteps = [45, 50]  # [°C]
    speedSteps = [50, 100]  # [%]

    This way it jumps from 50% straight to full throttle

    How can I verify that the speed fan is temperature controlled? I am looking at it and speed seems the same all the time

    Post #74 I posted a small script

    That is similar script to the one on #60 but works manually from terminal instead of reading's just for testing and to find your fan minimum speed...mine started at 30%...less then that and it wont turn...

    You can test fan with that script from type 50 will be 50% speed..100 will be 100% speed and so on...

    Did you connect transistor base to the proper gpio?

    I have a great request:

    Can you sum up 1 working solutions with all the steps needed in your first post as the topic is interesting but it is going longer and longer.

    The topic is growing and in 1 part we have scripts, update in another, after there is script with variable speed and for me it is a bit confusing

    Thanks in advance!

    What are you planning to do?

    2 pin 5v fan ?

    Script in post #60 works fine for PWM temp/speed control..

    You just need to make circuit..