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    Post #741 should get you going..

    Your question makes all the difference...How the system knows how to match the channels from my iptv to the ones on the guide.xml?

    You probably have to do it manually...the "system" doesn't know that channel x on your EPG xml is channel y on your playlist so you have 2 options..

    You can either edit your channel names in your playlist to match the channel names in your WebGrab++.config.xml.. iptv simple client will then match the names..

    or you can add something like this in your playlist:

    This way you can leave channel name as is in playlist and just edit the "x" to match the WebGrab++.config..

    1. #EXTINF:-1 tvg-id="x" tvg-name="x",channel name

    Otherwise you can take an easier approach and edit the WebGrab++.config.xml directly without touching your playlist...

    Just edit the "xyz" to match the channel name in your playlist...

    1. <channel update="i" site="" site_id="99" xmltv_id="xyz">xyz</channel>

    This is for Rpi and Generic...don't think it will work on amlogic but I'm sure there are builds of LE for Amlogic with Retroarch and ES

    Thanks for all replies, I manage to get SS, but it very creepy , If I take SS only when no Service running and just Menu, its perfect, But, on some channel playing it capture just lines, no pic and only 30 kb in size

    Strange...did you try Chorus?my screenshots are all about 700-1000 kb in size

    To take a screenshot from your PC of your LE you can use Chorus..make a shortcut with "http://IP_address:8080/#lab/screenshot" and everytime you click that shortcut you ll get a screenshot..

    or go to "http://IP_address:8080/#lab" to do it manually

    My issue wasn't really just restarting......restarts are rare....I was having this issue like the one in this thread

    The stream plays for few minutes, then the audio starts glitching and after few moments screen comes black. UI is responsive sometimes so I can exit out.

    Which I temporarily fixed by changing firmware files from 8.2.5 with the ones from 8.2.3..

    Maybe @deancan can elaborate a bit more on his issue and if is facing restarts too?

    Hello, I created the file name.strm I pasted the address to it (http: // I copied it to libreelec and when trying to launch it pops up that it can not be played.

    I use a Sony Z2 smartphone and a WEBCAM IP application as a camera, do you know why I can not play live stream? The stream normally works on the computer.

    That's probably not enough of a url for a camera might need to add server port and stream id and format....

    should look something like this

    2. or
    3. http://admin:[email protected]/videofeed

    edit...maybe you don't need port for the android app...sorry I don't mess much with android...

    If the stream is working on the computer you can try chrome open the camera feed....rightclick on the video and click on "copy image address"..then paste that in your playlist...

    I had some weird issues like this some time ago...Rpi 2 was working fine with 8.2.3 and started acting strangely from 8.2.4 onwards..Don't ask me what the reason is cause I even posted a debug log but there seem to be nothing of any help..

    Try this maybe it helps to solve your issue:

    Make sure you have LE 8.2.3 installed,

    Take your sd card out of your rpi and copy these 3 firmware files from your sd card to your PC

    1. /flash/bootcode.bin
    2. /flash/fixup.dat
    3. /flash/start.elf

    Now insert your sd card back to your Rpi and update your LE to 8.2.5

    Take sd card back out and go back to your PC and replace those 3 files from the 8.2.5 with the ones you saved from the LE 8.2.3...

    If it works properly this way for you it may be easier to hopefully debug the issue..

    Does anyone know how to get started with the Gamestarter repository and DraStic NDS games?

    After installing DraStic I got the message that you also need to install the Advanced Emulator Launcher or EmulationStation.

    When I opened EmulationStation after installing it, the message "We can not find any systems" appeared.

    What could this be and what do I have to do to correct this error? (I've already installed RetroArch and it works fine with GBA games)

    Did you select the roms path from ES settings?or edit es_systems.cfg manually..looks like ES is not finding the roms folder..folders need to be named properly for each launcher..

    Also by default ES only reads these formats for NDS .nds .zip .NDS .ZIP so if your roms are in any other format ES won't launch

    1. <system>
    2. <name>nds</name>
    3. <fullname>Nintendo DS</fullname>
    4. <path>/var/media/HDD/Emulators/roms/nds</path>
    5. <extension>.nds .zip .NDS .ZIP</extension>
    6. <command>/storage/.kodi/addons/game.retroarch/addon.start drastic %ROM% ES</command>
    7. <platform>nds</platform>
    8. </system>

    This is an example how mine looks

    You install retroarch from Gamestarter Repo as you usually install any other addons.....then from retroarch addon settings download core package and that's about can basically forget about retroarch after setting it up if you r running your roms from AEL.

    It's not an easy task as it might look to set everything up first time...If you r going to make AEL and Emulation Station with all the bells and whistles...artwork,logos,backgrounds for each game and so on it will take you some give you an idea it took me over a week to set it all up...but after that you just save you roms and artwork and xml's in a safe place for future backup and restore...For AEL and ES you can use the same artwork need to duplicate any folders

    You install retroarch from Gamestarter Repo as you usually install any other addons.....then from retroarch addon settings download core package and that's about can basically forget about retroarch after setting it up if you r running your roms from AEL.