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    Isn't safemode launched automatically after system abnormalities are detected?

    I have never seen it on any of my devices personally, but mine are all shutdown correctly via the power menu.

    Seems a bit . . . wreckless to simply disable a safety feature that is being invoked. Surely it's better to find out why it's happening and fix the cause? Kind of like removing the guard from a bandsaw because you bumped into it once :rolleyes::D

    wrxtasy The LibreELEC-S905.arm- (or .tar) do not light the LED on my MiniMX (S905) 2G/16G boxes. Is there a later one that does? The LED lights as the box boots up, but goes out once LE begins to boot

    He didn't say "others are inferior":

    No, he inferred it with:

    Folks over at CE lack the kernel development skills to architect and solve those problems

    More childish than arrogant, agreed. At the very least, nothing to do with the title of this thread

    These forums are supposed to be for LE matters, not someone's personal issues with Folks over at CE

    The hdmi cable I was checking is ok.

    When I turn on a movie or tv program via yatse, the picture is good. The problem is with Kodi and its appearance.

    When that happens, SSH into the box, rename guisettings.xml to guisettings.xml.BAK and reboot.

    Once you can see what you're doing, change box resolution to your preferred setting.

    I can usually then SSH in again, delete guisettings.xml and remove the .BAK from guisettings.xml.BAK and things are good again

    If you have Android on internal, you can, instead, boot to Android and turn of the auto-select best resolution in display settings then set resolution the same as in Kodi.

    I'm not getting any useful information regarding CoreELEC releases or support from this discussion.

    Hmm, you and @Jönke (and, it goes without saying, @bindou) probably missed the point that CoreELEC has felt the need to move on. The latest discussion was mainly sparked by the apparent contempt from LE for doing so (which has since been clarified, somewhat, by @Kwiboo).

    Since there'll be no further input from the CoreELEC devs, I think you've kinda 'missed the boat' if you now expect useful information regarding CoreELEC support here, wouldn't you agree :?:

    I am not optimistic that I still can use my AML stuff in 2 years with newest kodi Version.

    There is no guarantee that you'll be able to use any particular device in 2 years with the then newest kodi version /shrug

    Shoog I have never paid more that around $35AU for the china stuff (maybe the beelink but still less than $50AU), and really haven't wasted any time at all on them, thanks to OE -> LE -> CE (If it don't work I revert uand update again when it does) - Simples! :thumbup:

    The reality is that if you want to run a box off the latest Kodi/LE you would be stupid to choose any ARM based solution.

    Not if your ARM based solution costs 1/4 of the Intel product price and will work perfectly well for the next couple of years. Then you would be stupid to pay for the Intel product as, sure as night follows day, in a couple of years (or whenever it is that there is no alternative) you will absolutely get a far more capable product for your buck than you do today, and would have lost very little on your interim product.

    This is in no way meant to discourage/disrespect use or development of current 3.14 based builds,

    That is refreshing to hear, especially the absence of snipes such as

    The current LE AML devs working at a mainline Linux (aka latest Kernel) and an proper standard implementation at Kodi for S905 that don't require a ton of special fixes.


    some nerd hacks it together over the weekend

    as seen in prior posts, suggesting otherwise. To persist along those lines only really serves to diminish LE credibility as remarks of this kind portrays them as being rather unprofessional

    There is mainly just a split view on what to focus development efforts on.

    My understanding, as an end user, is precisely that and that both CE and LE are equally deserving of respect for the services they continue to provide; one continuing to focus on today's devices with the other focusing more on the shape of things to come - both are required and appreciated by me. ;)

    Thats okay, you are just a user - but I wrote from an dev point of view - the user chooses whatever works somehow, but if the devs don't develop something the user has nothing to choose from and yes the current 3.14 AML is dead with K19 and this will not change because it get ripped out of Kodis codebase (that should already happen for Kodi18 but was delayed due the missing Mainline support). And don't hope that required changes just appear from vendor site or some nerd hacks it together over the weekend. Its by an huge margin not that simple.

    It should also be acknowledged that, if the un-nerdy developer loses sight of their supposed end market (the lowly user), then 'some nerd' who hacks it together and keeps the boxes, that the majority possess, working is actually far more user orientated than those who insist on specific, more expensive equipment before they will apply their talents. I fail to see why, LE can't continue along the path they've chosen and let CE do the same, without trying to discredit / insult them :/

    I believe, today, both have there pro's and cons and those that own the h/w that LE will not support, will most likely use CE instead.