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    1. Yes, use LE (Settings) Backup option to backup all LE-Kodi content. From .backup folder copy the backup.tar to a safe place. On new SD card install same LE version, copy backup.tar to .restore folder on new SD, and then use LE (Settings) Restore option to get all like on old SD card.

    2. Yes

    Sure ... i use Win32DiskImager. Just insert the sd card into your PC select "Read" to create and .img file ... then insert a blank sd card and select "Write". It will (should) be an exact mirror copy (or clone) of your other sd card with same content/configuration.

    Thanks a lot !!!

    I´ll give it a try first with Win32DiskImager ( just because it´s simpler) ...

    Hi there,

    Two questiions:

    1 - It´s possible to backup all the content/configuration on my sdcard so I could put it in another sdcard and use it just like it was the original????

    I´ve a lot of configuration that took some time to get it right so I would like to be able to save it so I doesn´t have to do it again in case my sdcard got some problem ...

    2- If by some problem my Mecool get toasted and if I put the sdcard in a new Mecool will it work with the same configurations as the one that get toasted?

    Thanks a lot ...

    ASIX AX88178 Chipset(USB 2.0)

    ASIX AX88179 Chipset(USB 3.0)

    Realtek RTL8153 Chipset(USB 3.0)

    Daily use in my living room is ASIX AX88178 because more stable as Realtek adapter

    Hi there,

    For what I read in the last pages i could buy, for example, ASIX AX88179 Chipset(USB 3.0) and connect my ethernet there and get 1 Gb ?!?!?! I thought I couldn´t get more than 100Mb in my Mecool M8s Pro ...

    Hi people,

    Does anyone uses Seagate Personal Cloud wih your Libreelec Kodi? Is it simple to use and configure with kodi? Can i watch/stream movie files ( 4k included ) without any problem using a 100mb network?

    Sorry to bother you but I´m inclined to buy this NAS … I just pretend to use it to keep my movies/series and be able to see them with my Libreelec Kodi (Mecool) so I need to know if it will be a good solution for me …

    Your post is some what confusing however...

    If you are booting Kodi from USB and you have set it up to your taste when you run the installtointernal script you are asked if you want to copy your data to internal as well, select Y and this will do as it says on the tin.

    You can then put the USB drive in another AML box and do the exact same without having to redo all of your work, just run installtointernal again.

    Thanks a lot!

    When I install do internal memory from my SD Card, my SD Card don´t get overwrite and my setup and data remain untouched ( in the SD Card ), right !?!?!?

    I hope this doesn´t sound confused, only noob ...

    Best regards

    Hi there,

    Dumb questions:

    If I install my Libreelec in the internal memory from my SD Card, will I be able to use that same SD Card in another Mecool (exactly the same box ) without losing any of the content?!?!!

    When I install in the internal memory, it installs the setup ( skin, addon, preferences, etc ) exactly as I have in the SD Card !??!?! Or do I have do to it all again ?!?!!?

    Thanks a lot !!!


    One way will work in every skin.

    Edit the file favourites.xml -> Favourites.xml - Official Kodi Wiki


    <favourite name="Reboot from Internal">System.ExecWait("/usr/sbin/rebootfromnand")</favourite>

    Thanks !!!

    If I understand your post:

    1 - Acess " my favourites " in the userdata in the sdcard --- Userdata - Official Kodi Wiki

    2 - Copy your edit ( exactly as you write it ) "


    <favourite name="Reboot from Internal">System.ExecWait("/usr/sbin/rebootfromnand")</favourite>


    " for favourist.xml

    3 - By now I should be able to find the possibility to reboot from internal in the favourites.

    Do I miss anything or this should work !?!?!?!?!

    Hi there,

    I´ve the same problem ( no reboot form internal ) in my S905x with the skin "Skin MOD - MOD AEON MQ7 KRYPTON", do you think this procedure will work for me ?!?!?!

    I read below another solutions but I´m very noob and I hope I don´t have to try it because i´m afraid I´ll do something wrong !!!

    Hi there,

    When I start using raspberry Pi 2 with openelec I needed to add one line " max_usb_current=1 " in the config.txt to plug external disk (wd 1,5TB) via USB on the raspberry, otherwise it didn´t work (something to do with the power for the USB ?!!?! ).
    Do I need to add the same line ( or other ) or LibreELEC don´t have this problem ?!?!!?

    One more thing, when i install LibreELEC with already have KODI, right !?!?!?

    Thanks a lot and keep up the good work ...

    Sorry for my noob questions but I want to install LibreELEC and I like to be prepare ...