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    I was looking to have the EPG guide provided by hdhomerun into tvheadend, including the channel icons. So I ended up creating a python script to do it. As it may be of interest to some of you, I decided to share it on this forum.

    Basically, the script generate a XMLTV compliant file which can then be read by the internal XMLTV grabber. It is the same kind of file generated by WebGrab+Plus.

    The xml file is generated from the Silicon Dust API linked to your hdhomerun device. It means that you need a hdhomerun device to use the script.

    The main steps to make it work are:

    1. Download and rename it to Let's say you download it to /storage/.config (or \\<LIBREELEC_IP>\Configfiles if using SMB).
    2. Connect to your libreelec by ssh and run :python /storage/.config/ This will generate a hdhomerun.xml file.
      (start the script in a cron to update the guide content on a regular basis)
    3. In KODI, go configure Tvheanend Server 4.2 addon
      1. Set XMLTV source type to FILE
      2. Set XMLTV File location to the location of the downloaded script (eg /storage/.config hdhomerun.xml)
    4. In Tvheadend web interface (eg http://<LIBREELEC_IP>:9981/)
      1. Config / General / Image Cache : mark it enabled (to cache the channel icons locally)
      2. Config / Channel/EPG / EPG Grabber : ensure "Update channel icon" is checked
      3. Config / Channel/EPG / EPG Grabber Modules :
        1. make sure Internal XMLTV is enabled.
        2. (You can also set "Channel numbers" to Only digits to automatically map EPG to the channels according to their numbers. In my case it is not working and I really don't understand why, even after reviewing the source code of xmltv module of tvheadend)
        3. click "Re-run Internal EPG Grabbers" and ensure it completes (journalctl -u service.tvheadend42.service -f might be useful)
      4. Config / Channel/EPG / EPG Grabber Channels : Ensure that your channels are correctly mapped (as auto mapping on the channel number doesn't seem to work)
      5. Config / Channel/EPG / EPG Grabber Modules : click "Re-run Internal EPG Grabbers" one last time (first time is for channel mapping, now this is for EPG content)
    5. In KODI, force refresh of the guide content and channel icons
      1. Settings / PVR & Live TV : Clear data

    That's it, you should now have icons and guide coming from hdhomerun!

    First, balbes150 thank you for your Krypton update and your hard work!

    I tested with Beelink iOne (i826). So far, problem are:
    - can't boot from sdcard (I had to force update from libreelec for 802 devices using a .nocompat file)
    - no wifi (chipset AP62x2)
    - 4K/UHD resolution only use the top left quarter of the screen
    - bluetooth device not detected (not really a problem though...)

    More info about firmware (dtd from 4.4) and chipsets can be found in post #192

    1. LibreELEC:~ # udevadm info /sys/bus/sdio/devices/sdio*
    2. Unknown device, --name=, --path=, or absolute path in /dev/ or /sys expected.

    I could be great if you could get wifi and 4k woring ;)

    1. Add support for WiFi - maybe, but is sorely lacking time, so when this happens, I don't know.
    2. I don't have 4K, so I can't check what the problem is. If i find ready-made patches - I will try to add.
    3. Version Krypton - may be updated, but I don't know when I'll find time for this.

    1. wifi support:
    The last release that was supporting Wifi on my device was M8S 6.0.3 (OpenELEC) taken from Index of /image which I think was provided by codesnake (but I am not sure). Wifi was not supported on newest releases (6.95.1 and later).

    2. 4k support:
    I found some LibreELEC releases that works fine in 4k with my device. Maybe it can help you identify the patch.
    begicj M8S.arm-8.0.0 (09.12.2016) : thread-1408.html
    drieschel S82.arm-8.0.0-2-alpha-devel : thread-1236.html
    dankec 7.0.2 : thread-1251.html

    3. lacking time...
    I know how difficult it is to find time for "side" projects! I can only thank you for your work and your time!


    I have a Beelink i826 (S812, AP62X2 wifi/bluetooth, 2GB RAM, 16 GB Flash). balbes150 firmwares were not working prior the last release (logo-black-logo boot loop). Good news, last release now boots correctly. I tried both versions (regular vs test kernel) of LibreELEC-S812.LAN1000.arm- booting from SD Card.

    So far, the good is:
    - it boots!
    - Ethernet is working
    - 1080P resolution is working well
    - 4 CPUs are detected
    - 1776 MB of RAM is reported

    The bad is :
    - No wifi (AMPAK AP62X2 chipset)
    - no bluetooth (AMPAK AP6X2 chipset)
    - 4K/UHD resolution only use the top left quarter of the screen

    Therefore, my questions are:
    - Is this possible to add support for the AP62X2 chipset (wifi/bluetooth)?
    - How the 4k resolution problem can be fixed?
    - Is there a way to enable the HDMI input of this device in LibreELEC (chipset Silicon Image SIL9293)?
    - Do you plan to release an updated LibreELEC 8 (Krypton) firmware soon?

    You can have more detail about device chipsets here : Beelink i one (i826) TV Box: the review | Mediasat English

    Here is the device-tree if it may help:
    - DTB as extracted from boot.img from Android 4.4 release : dtb.img
    - DTD as extracted from firmware image (using Amlogic CustomizationTool) : meson8_k200b_2G_sdhc_hdmiin.dtd

    Thank you for your great work!