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    This is indeed created now, so probably addons have no write permissions outside their own addon-data folder?

    The "service." prefix also did indeed do the trick.

    Kodi user can't connect on localhost but only on real ip address. That's why you need to use -h parameter

    I don't recall having to do that with MySQL. It's possibly a feature on later releases, that also got into MariaDB.

    It's just something I stumbled onto when mistyping my passwords. But, back to the real work now.

    but I'm using OpenELEC at the moment...that the difference?

    As far as I know, OpenELEC only supported SMBv1. Unfortunately, the OpenELEC maintainer has been M-I-A for almost 2 years now. Microsoft has done plenty of changes to the whole samba sharing via its Windows updates, and it's too bad the user-interface as far as networking goes for the average Windows user, hasn't improved in terms of user-friendliness or clearness.

    I've been using Ubuntu Linux as my daily driver for almost 10 years now, as well as the NFS protocol for my Kodi file needs. So, no I don't have all the Windows answers.

    vpeter Me again... :blush:

    The database is still doing fine, but I have some more questions:

    - Having enabled the log function and store it locally is not working. Or the log function is not working at all. No log file is created. Is it possible MariaDB is still using a my.cnf in a different location?

    1. # * Logging and Replication
    2. #
    3. # Both location gets rotated by the cronjob.
    4. # Be aware that this log type is a performance killer.
    5. # As of 5.1 you can enable the log at runtime!
    6. #general_log_file = /var/log/mysql/mysql.log
    7. general_log_file = /storage/.kodi/temp/mariadb.log
    8. general_log = 1

    Any way I can verify the log is working? Obviously the default location is not working as there is no '/var/log/mysql' folder to begin with.

    - How do I start/stop/restart the mariadb service? I've tried several names but none seem to work. Otherwise I need to reboot the RPi to have the changes in the config file activated.

    - I have given the kodi user for the mariadb also 'kodi' (call me lazy), but apparently I cannot connect via SSH with those full credentials.

    When I use mysql -u kodi -p and enter the password, I get an ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'kodi'@'localhost' (using password: YES).

    When I use mysql -u kodi without typing the password but just go ENTER, I get logged into the MariaDB server.

    It's like an opposite situation.

    Is this a quirky bug when having the same values for user and password? When using 'root' (which has a unique password), it have to type the password to log in normally.

    Please provide a full debug log.

    How to post a log (wiki)

    1. Enable debugging in Settings>System Settings>Logging
    2. Restart Kodi
    3. Replicate the problem.

    Note: Full logs only. No partial or modified logs.

    Do not post your logs directly into the forum, use and post the link.

    You're about the 264,983th Kodi user complaining that Samba is no longer working... ;)

    It's 99% because of the change in SMB version. So whatever is still working now, is probably still using the old insecure SMBv1 protocol.

    Until last year, lots of network devices used SMBv1. After the whole WannaCry disaster, Microsoft finally defaulted SMBv2 as the successor of SMBv1 in the 1803 update, with among the changes:

    - Windows users require a password for SMB access

    - SMB network browsing is no longer supported.

    So, once your Windows "server" has SMBv2 enabled, you can use the "Add a network location.." option in Kodi, enter full credentials, and "things should work" (tm).

    There are plenty of other threads on this and the Kodi forum on this topic, so feel free to do some extra reading.

    Is there a fire somewhere?

    'Bumping' your own topic on a forum within 24 hours is not very polite as per forum etiquette.

    We are also not a commercial company, but merely volunteers working in our own spare time.

    Patience, grasshopper.

    There are basically two folders:

    - .kodi/addons

    - .kodi/userdata/addon_data

    However, if there are many depencies, you might break stuff. Also, manually deleting stuff will not auto-update the AddonsXX.db file.

    So either leave it, or start fresh with a new setup.

    If you cannot uninstall it, the easiest option for now would be to simply not use it anymore.

    You could go to the video/movie source in Kodi, open the context menu, select the "Set content" option, and empty the selection.

    Then re-open the "Set content", and the enter the correct details, with a different movie information provider, and have Kodi rescan your video collection.

    But if everything works fine why make a bump and get into trouble

    It's all good, hehe.

    If you have any other suggestion regarding how to be handled let me know.

    No, I thought it may have been for an inital installation only. But if it also works when, for example, users forgot their passwords, then it's a plain and simple password update method. :thumbup:

    I had a feeling, that would be the case. I just wondered, that's all. I still use(d) MySQL 5.5.62 on Ubuntu 14.04 myself *cough*.

    One thing about the passwords in the MariaDB addon settings:

    Will the current passwords simply be overwritten in the running database setup by newly entered passwords?

    Okay... So far two consecutive days 24/7 of problem-free MariaDB usage. :cool:

    I still need to investigate the Recently Added timeout via the Mariadb logfile, though.

    vpeter Are you planning on maintaining the add-on as well, as MariaDB updates are released? Perhaps only the bigger updates?

    Or will it be the "If it ain't broken, don't fix it" approach?

    Your demo picture doesn't load for me in Kodi 18RC4 in Ubuntu Linux 1604. Kodi doesn't crash, but there is no thumbnail and no picture displayed. It does display on Ubuntu's own picture viewer, just lots of error entries in the log.

    22:12:24.730 T:140634077747584 DEBUG: We have an error loading picture 3!

    22:12:24.730 T:140634077747584 ERROR: Error loading the current image 3: /home/klojum/Pictures/testimage.cr2

    22:12:24.730 T:140634077747584 INFO: set image /home/klojum/Pictures/testimage.cr2 unplayable

    22:12:24.747 T:140634077747584 DEBUG: We have an error loading picture 3!

    22:12:24.747 T:140634077747584 ERROR: Error loading the current image 3: /home/klojum/Pictures/testimage.cr2

    22:12:24.747 T:140634077747584 INFO: set image /home/klojum/Pictures/testimage.cr2 unplayable

    and this is spammed numerous times quite a lot. I suggest you open a ticket and report the bug along with every info possible.

    I'm not sure how or with what you edited your advancedsettings.xml file, but it seems to contain a lot of [email protected] Possible you've been using the same AS.xml file for years since XBMC...?

    I think you can also remove the <gui> section, better yet don't use the AS.xml file at all. First Kodi needs to run, all the bells and whistles come later.