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    Raspberry Pi hardware is not the fastest out there, and it doesn't play every codec out there, but no other hardware receives anything close to the A1++ support and attention to detail that we see from the Pi Foundation staff to ensure Kodi runs great. The on-board audio is nothing special but there are a huge number of i2s DACs available, and there's no reason why the USB device you already have shouldn't be usable.

    Thanks Chewitt, it is exactly the support and volume of Raspberry users (General/Kodi/Volumino) that makes me want to go back that road. Since my current DACs USB interface (Also open source (Audio Widget)) work with no extra tweaking on CuBox I don't see why It should not work Raspberry if the first versions USB ethernet congestion problems are cleared out. And I cant see why it should be an issue now, when RPi is on No 3 and 4 years later.


    Hi guys,

    I have been having some buffering problems on my cuBox, sometimes the video freezes totally, sometimes stutter all through the movie (ranging from unbearable to just irritating), sometimes short "buffer breaks" for the Cubox (i4 pro). It's been the same with all LE (including vPeters builds) and OE releases up until 8.0.1 / and to no surprise significantly worse when i accidentally started to scan my audio library in the background :D

    Anyway - what are your thoughts of RPi 3 being an upgrade to CuBox? Its about 4 years since i switch ed form original RPi to Cubox and maybe I should switch back, seeing how the Raspberry hardware is evolving and Cubox standing still. My main issue then was that the PIs audio output was awful and that the USB ports had trouble keeping an stable dataflow (or what it is called) so that using the RPi as a HD audio player was out of the question. I have a top USB DAC now that work flawlessly with my Kodi setup on the Cubox, so if Raspberry got past those early troubles it might be time for me to switch again?

    Any comments here? I cant find much about Raspberry Pi 3 as a Audio player, apart from those using an I2S DAC like HiFiberry, and/or Volumino, but that is not the way I intend to go.


    If you are talking about the latest stable OE with Jarvis I am running that now without problems. Never turn off my Cubox-i and it never froze.

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    I should add that I am experiencing some problem when watching videos. The sound sometimes sway, like an old turntable but it's only noticeable with slow background music, not speech. A few times the video just froze as well. I have not yet checked if it's a Krypton problem, LibreElec problem or LibreElec on Cubox. Love LubreEkec but temporarily switched back to my previous OpenElec SD until I have time to research and look into it further.

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    Yep. I can confirm that vpeters build work. I installed the latest (in his link above) and it booted without problem.

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    i am having the same problem on my CuBox-i-4. Updated on SD card with first librelec USB SD writer and after tha twin32 disc imager, none of them booted.
    Have now restored my original 7.95.3 and will try manual update.

    Manual update by placing the files in update folder worked without problem.

    Not yet tested (will do later today): LibreELEC-imx6.arm-7.95.3-sr-3.14.img.gz
    This is version 7.95.3 with kernel 3.14 which doesn't have this sound start issue. At least initial tests shows that.

    Can confirm that this Image work with my Cubox, freshly installed on SD, booted, restored previous backup and then booted again.
    As before it doesn't recognise my AudioWidget by USB at boot, I have to plug in and out the USB cable for that to happen.
    No sound issues so far though and it doesn't freeze when finished playing a movie.
    So far I'd call it a success.

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    Cool! I was just going to post that I installed your image of 7.95.3 on a separate SD card and that it works well too. I will install this new iPhone Mage instead right away and see how it goes.

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    Balcmeg - Yes I use a Cubox-i4 (Amongst others) although at the moment I am sticking to 7.90.010 because of sound issues - already posted.

    I only tried a new boot, to see what the issue was, I didn't go much further than that.

    Please remember that the IMX6 issue is a community build and will always be behind the "better" flavours.

    Iridium, thank you for conforming you used same model as me.
    I looked up your post - remember that I jumped into LiblreElec just last night because I am considering to migrate from my hardware music streamer to software based through KODI. The convenience of being lazy and not have to change input on my DAC when switching between movie and audio, as well as removing one more desktop item. My audio hardware are quite spacious for a Hong Kong apartment. I never managed to adapt to the smaller sizes after moving here form Sweden.

    Anyway, Apart from the boot log showing that alsa could not initialize the audio widget (my USB/I2S receiver in my DAC) I don't seem to have the same issues as you. I did not listen critically to the sound though, but it sounded normal when we watched a movie and some TV series last night. The Audio Widget is not an issue, after plugging in and out the USB cable once i could select the widget form the menu as usual. Might get annoying in a longer run but right now I don't know if it was a temporary thing.

    I don't mind if the build is a bit behind, right now its still ahead of Openelec as far as I can see so its all relative. I will run it for a while and see how I like it, that i have to reboot because it freezes after every movie I watch bugs me a bit though. Maybe ill down grade once more, or try to figure out why my 3 installs of 7.95.3 freezes at boot while yours work. vPeters build above might be an idea.

    Wish I remembered more of microprocessor programming from my university days, then I would have offered my services here, as it is now id probably do more harm than good :)

    I'll clone my SD before I update further ;) as long as the music library work as I want.

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    @Iridim, do you use CuBox-i4 as well? If you do them ine should work too.

    Confirm and I will clone my SD and try to update on the current working installed SD.


    I'm still on 7.95.2. Will try out this and skip 7.95.3 for now since I had 3 fails with different installs. I do however have an issue that the system lick when I press stop while watching a movie/tc series. But that might be an old issue. I have not checked the forums.

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    I used the backup add on on my openelec but the movie database didn't restore... well it's the chances you take with betas.
    Not the first or last time it will happen either ;)

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    Beginning to live the new skin though and the fast boot.

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    Oh yes i4. I made a clean install of 7.95.2 now with the USB-SD Creator and it booted right away. Restoring my backup now and will report back later when I dared to reboot again... ;) seems it's 7.95.3 or the image for cubox that is the problem.

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    I just tried to migrate from OpenElec 7.0.3 to LibreElec 7.95.3.

    First I used the LibreElec USB-SD creator, then Win32DIskimager on a clean SD card, In both cases it failed to start after the short bootscreen from Solidrun (CuBox).
    I then installed by putting the Image in OpeEelecs Update folder and the install worked, after booting Krypton databases were updated and I could run LibreElec as it should. After a first reboot however, its back in the previous,short display of SolidRuns boot lines and then 'no signal' show on my TV.

    Im now downloading 7.95.2 to see if this make any difference.