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    Thank you so much guys i finaly fixed it. Here is how I did it:
    - I downloaded the and extracted it.
    - Then I used the sd card maker and selected the uboot from the mx2-boot-recovery
    - Then after making the sd card I copied all the files from mx2-boot-recovery to the sd card
    - I used the toothpick method to boot my box into recovery, once in recovery you can flash anything you like :)

    I've done all this and successfully loaded recovery. How do I now load the Libreelec .zip.gz file?

    I'm trying this now. I never get to see the recovery screen though. Black scree - no signal. Was this the same for you? I'll keep you updated on whether this works for me.
    No, mine's still stuck on a black screen

    Yep it was a completely black screen until I loaded the older version of libreelec afterwards.

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    Do you have an idea when you will upload this please? Need to bring my box back to life.

    I managed to bring my unit back to life by loading the revert to android fix from the lads at ember. Load this on an SD card and do the toothpick method (although my screen stayed black after flashing grey for a second). I left running for 5 minutes, then loaded the 7.0.2 LE release using the same toothpick method and it came back to life.

    Dementis - I'm really looking forward to the boot loader fix

    The files don't seem to exist in on the link provided, are you able to repost? Thanks for your hard work Dementris.

    Your SYSTEM partition needs to be re-formatted. Try using a procedure for new NAND installation. With the latest build you will keep you data.

    Thanks Kszaq and kiwiman - I have tried a NAND install but have been unsuccessful. It doesn't start up with any splash screen, just a black screen then the error screen after a few seconds. This happens both with android and LE. Is there a prompt I can type that will allow me to reboot into recovery from this screen?

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    I accidentally powered off an MXQ while upgrading from 5.0.8 to the latest release. Usually you would type 'exit' and it will reboot but doing that just reboots to this prompt. Is there any way to unbrick this? The toothpick method doesn't even register

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    I'm having CEC issues with the latest build, MXQ (red top). It's behaving like when running the original Android firmware, the remote will work for a random amount of time and then stop. Your OpenELEC Helix builds are the last versions I have no issues with.

    I've had the same problem with CEC, hasn't worked since helix. I can hard reset the MXQ and CEC will work for a minute or two then stop. I have a LG screen so I wonder if it's issues with the MXQ and simplink implementation?

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