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    Have you tried placing demetris update .Tar in storage/.update with a .nocompap file?

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    If this was in response to me asking about trying to update from 7.0.3 yes. the update works, installs 8.0.1 but will not fully boot. It connects to the same internet and everything, but hangs on the screen with amlogic ir dummy files.
    I was able to get past this by using the toothpick into recovery and wiped the Data and Cache then reboot. It was able to reboot without a problem. Then if I tried to install the backup TAR file it would go back to hanging on the boot.

    I've noticed that no matter what the box S802 or S812 and on every build I can get it to boot no problem off an SD card, but I can not get the firmware to update from (I forgot the developer who posted to 7.0.2 to the newest 8.0.1 Has anyone found a work around to Upgrade, opposed to wipe and clean install?

    So i've been messing around with the newest build and it loads perfectly on my generic M8 box. However I have now tried to load it on my Matricom q2 (s812) and have hit a snag. On one box it loaded fine and no issue and now the 2nd following the same steps has landed me with this error. :

    Starting Flus Journal to Persistent Storage...
    FAILED Failed to start load Kernel Modules
    see 'systemctl status systemd-modules-load.service' for details

    I can SSH into the box and find most files, but i can not find an error log for this error.

    Q: My remote control does not work, what can I do?
    A: Grab remote.conf file from Android firmware (it's available in /system/etc) and copy it to Configuration folder: /storage/.config over SSH or \\your_box_IP\Configuration using Windows shares. You can also put that file to main folder of your SD card. You may need to remap some buttons.

    I have ben banging my head against the wall for almost 2 hours now. I almost exclusively use a 2.4 mini Keyboard and today trying to use the stock remote I have hit a wall. I attempted to copy and the remote,conf from android and paste it into LE without any success. No button on the remote generates anything, I tried to use the KeyMap Editor thinking maybe it just wasn't lined up right, but it does not detect any keypresses.
    Anyone have this, or any imput that I may have not tried?
    Yes I replaced the batteries first