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    in my X96 Xgody box running from micro sd card as internal memory seems to have either died or corrupted badly. Thanks for the hard works and updates.

    9.0.1 seems very fast and smooth and even the IR remote is nice and responsive where before the 9.0.0 was hit and miss.

    At this point considering making it my main system to use.

    Once or twice when booting it hangs on the x96 screen but when operational generally keeps working fine. video playback is good levels and colours too.


    I have x96 xgody and its been great with libreelec. currently on and not perfect but pretty good, run from internal ram but can load a SD card and boot from that with the toothpick in the audio jack if needed,

    Lately had to add a cron job to reboot at 2am as samba access from network computer was failing. SSH was working ok.

    Download a previous build (e.g. in tar format), unpack it, replace kernel.img on your SD card with either KERNEL or kernel.img from the archive and replace SYSTEM with SYSTEM from the archive.

    If internal, boot a working build from SD card and do this:

    mkdir -p /tmp/system
    mount /dev/system /tmp/system
    cp /flash/SYSTEM /tmp/system/SYSTEM
    dd if=/flash/kernel.img of=/dev/boot bs=1M

    Reboot, upgrade done.

    Too late! Just had some sort of auto update for the first time ever on x96 box s905X and it was unusable.

    So didnt discover this post until after reboot from sd card and copied to internal! BUgger. Also I see the build is discontinued as advised on page 1. Is there a reccomended location for replacement or just turn off auto updates perhaps.

    If true no more then thanks for the hard work and all inputs.


    Xgoody X96 s905x 2gig box works well. Using internal Nand for the system Kzac builds have improved this bad android box to working well, playing all 265 movies and more. Remote works well except search forward and backwards options appear missing. all remote.conf dont seem to work for me. However a bluetooth small keyboard does work ok.

    8.01c is so far the best video playing on difficult video on my x96 xgody s905x box. Well done to developer family man.
    It plays the samsung ocean clip and the 4K clips better than anything before it. So accolades to the perserverence of all feedback and time spent getting to this point.

    MInsik is grateful and has donated.

    Some interested questions re 64bit version from Nofan Tasi.
    Is the install the same as 32bit s905X hardware box version? ie copy to update directory and reboot? Does it need the same tree or is none ok?
    If there are problems can roll back to 32bit version (assuming directory update is available)?
    Does current 32bit addons install and work or only 64bit updates?
    thanks for info on this release.

    re the x96 xgody android box 2gig 16gig nand does anyone have the remote.conf file please?
    I have the android box converted over to latest libreelec which is fantastic except the remote doesnt have scan and a few other things. remote basic play and menu do work fine in kodi.
    So without an installed android system i dont have the original set of files and so far cant find how to locate remote.conf in the dtb.img file. it doesn't want to open or mount in anything, even 7zip.

    appreciate any ideas. thanks.