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    Also the naming is a little generic for some units, ie Sunvell I have a T95m and it is NOT a T95n or plain T95, this causes issues with the tree in respect to these builds, newbies will not know and if they follow the pattern, many many posts will occur before the correct device is identified and managed. 2c

    T95m - 2/100
    SDcard install, OK and working
    NAND done and working

    But I have noticed that the actual quality of my videos (various) looks a little poor, has there been a new player/codec used on this build? the actual screens look 'grainy' All settings as standard, same unit as tested before. I also have the return of the missing few seconds of video playback, and I have checked the audio settings etc.

    AGAIN note that this is not a complaint, merely observations for others to check or advise.

    Cheers mate

    Totally agree with what you are saying here, passwords are THE stupidest method currently used, but technically the easiest to accomodate

    seriously? Have you read any news of late? Yahoo MoDaCo any of that mean anything to you?

    When you register to any site with any details, over time you will probably provide some VERY private details, real name, real address, email address, equipment you own, etc etc

    All of that can become available to the hackers when they 'guess' your simple password, they then glean the fact that you have used the same username and passwords on multiple sites and you can bet one of them will be the one that provides them with the details they need, either financial or social, and then you are compromised.

    Due to the way people use social networks today, the lack of thought as to how and why that information is stored is stunning.

    Don't think this is true? Then check if you have ever provided any of the following to a 'non serious' site

    Real name

    Real Address

    Date of Birth

    Name of family members, animals, schools

    Details of purchases, with the type of cards used

    Holiday locations and times

    Travel details

    Food preferences

    With VERY little effort, you can build the profile of people using a combination of the above and then steal / impersonate / defraud

    If you have issues with passwords, then consider using a quality password manager or check out this page for help Password Haystacks

    Some of the easiest ways to socially hack someone is to watch when they enter a password and due to 'reasons' get it wrong so many times that they either say it as they type it or type it so slow that it so easy to see..

    And YES the hack part of my username is for a reason

    I think you should be a little careful of the comment you just made re Kodi

    it will crash/freeze eventually (Kodi cannot be called stable in the modern sense)

    The HARDWARE here is the issue, NOT Kodi.

    OE, LE and Kodi are all VERY stable. (staying away from nightly and dev builds)

    But I do agree with you as regards the pi, I have a number of machines and if I were to put one out like requested, I would stump up the money and get an Intel NUC, for me they just work.

    Agg, I'm on SD, want to keep Android, so This new script is not a solution for me. Thanks anyway.
    BTW The script needs a Firmware to work AFAIK, what version do you use?

    After a lot of tries, .006 on sdcard worked perfectly for me, so if you wanr to dual boot (as such) then just follow the instructions for the .006 and all will be good.

    I have tried two firmwares T95m-2G-8723-160516 and T95m-2G-8723-160622 did not notice anything between them. The new script assumes you have your android running, it then copies certain files from that and then installs LE to the NAND, so as you say, NOT what you want.

    Thank **** for that, I thought it was just me, the usb on my T95m is dodgy and I had to take the PCB out to flash android, as a result it damaged what I assume is the wifi ariel, as I do not like to use wifi, I removed it to avoid further issue, BUT on the NAND .006 I have the issue for the first time with buffering, I assumed it was tryting to use the wifi , so I go into the settings and when I try to disable it just sist there and nothing appears to happen, on next boot wifi is enabled again !!

    This .006 is becoming a trial and error marathon.

    Can confirm that the above works on the Sunvell T95m, I now have .006 running from NAND for the very first time


    OK struggliing with my T95m

    I have SD but would like NAND, but none of the tree entries work for me..

    So any chance we could have it parsed? or ponit to an explanation on how to do it?