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    I'm watching recorded HD .ts files, and after some time the audio stops completely with 8.2.4. Going back to 8.2.3 and all is fine again.

    Raspberry 3 with audio over HDMI

    Yes, but I only use Kodi-stable builds, no time and to old to install every alpha/beta/rc :)
    Have a Raspberry, Windows and Android device sharing a MySql database for kodi, so mixing versions does not work (always).
    Since yesterday is an update for Android in PlayStore available, so i'm now waitng patiently for LE update with final Kodi.

    Searched the forum but no matches for "OpenELEC" so far.
    Atm i'm using OpenELEC and plan to switch to LibreELEC. Can I just updte the system and keep settings partition?
    Need I migrate something manually? Is it even possible to switch back from LibreELEC to OpenELEC without reconfigure?