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    kszaq Is there any way to clear saved network settings through ssh?

    Because when trying to connect to any WiFi network for the first time, I keep getting an "Invalid Arguments" error or an "Operation Timout" error if its SSID is hidden. Scanning for networks work but from my experience with my other devices, I found out that if I turned the "Connect Automatically" option off under the network's settings, I'd got the "Invalid Arguments" error when connecting to other Networks. So I'd like to just clear everything and see if that fixes it.

    And gxbb_p200_1G_100M_RealtekWiFi.dtb works when booting from NAND.

    Your box has a NAND chip (meaning not eMMC) and there is a bug in Amlogic bootloader that prevents repartitioning the drive. You can try using a standard device tree but if it doesn't work, you're out of lack and have to run LE from SD card.

    Thanks. Will try one of the standard device trees and post my results for anyone else with the same problem. So far I can confirm that the p201.dtb works (IR & Ethernet) booting from internal, but more testing is required (WiFi).

    kszaq I know you've discontinued this build but was wondering if you are still providing support?

    A while ago, I had asked you about the differences in the dtbs posted, you replied that they're purely cosmetic and either would work.

    While testing other builds on different devices (i.e LE9 on x96) it was mentioned that using the wrong dtb would mean that either WiFi, Ethernet, IR etc wouldn't work.

    Flashed an sdcard for my MXQ Pro 4k running and used mxq_pro_4k dtb. Booted fine from sdcard, but after copying it to internal installation using ssh commands in OP and rebooting to internal, I'm getting a blank screen. The box is powered on, the TV picks the signal (shows 1080p input) but no MXQ Pro logo and the network (Ethernet) is down so can't ssh in. Any way to get it to work when copied to internal?


    I also have a MXQ Pro 4K. Don't know if this will help, but for some reason my box will boot with the 'gxbb_p201.dtb'.

    zbigzbig20 Thanks for the direction.

    Just checked the wetek forum. Saw one post on a thread that had you replied on here.

    Someone mentioned that WP2 has a single 'DVB-S' tuner?? Forgive me if this is a dumb question but it seemed unclear reading through the whole thread. But does that mean that it doesn't support DVB-S2 as advertised? Because on TvH, its label is "...DVB-S #0" as well.

    I am having some trouble configuring TvHeadend 4.2 on my Wetek Play 2 (WP2) with a S/S2 tuner running Official 8.2.2 NAND.

    Installed after checking that WeOS 3.2 (which it was shipped with) was the latest software.

    Done a lot of searching before creating this post and noticed that every other guide/tutorial has two adapters in the 'TV Adapters' tab.

    When looking at my device, I only have 1 - 'Availink AVL6211+AV2011 DVB-S/S2' on '/dev/dvb/adapter0' ?

    When listing through ssh-

    1. # ls -aln /dev/dvb
    2. total 0
    3. drwxr-xr-x 3 0 0 60 Jan 1 2015 .
    4. drwxr-xr-x 14 0 0 3940 Jan 1 2015 ..
    5. drwxr-xr-x 2 0 0 120 Jan 1 2015 adapter0

    And what should the 'Satellite config' be set to? Universal LNB only? Or one of the others?

    Because I've tried setting up the networks in TvH and I am unable toget anything even when using blindscan-s2 from the dvb-tools on the official LE Repo.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. If I need to upload any files or logs, please tell me what commands to run and the output/file needed.

    The difference is purely cosmetic and you can use either. If you want to change a device tree, there is no need for a clean install or wiping data.

    thanks for the quick reply.

    I tried the p200_mxq_pro_4k dtb, didn't boot. But the code you provided in the 8.1.1 thread, worked like a charm. Managed to change the dtb to p201 with LIRC support. It boots fine now and haven't noticed any issues with the hardware.

    Just trying to configure the IR remote but while following the guides online (mostly an OE guide), I get a warning that it "cannot open /etc/lirc/lirc_options.conf" and after going through the intial process, it either freezes at the end of second line of the random-recording of the remote's signal or outputs a "Segmentation fault (core dumped)" message. I don't know if the OE guide is outdated or different, but is there a guide for LE or your build? I would provide a debuglog but not sure how to.


    Thanks for the awesome work and constant updates. Could please explain the difference between the p200 and p201 device trees you provide?

    Installed 8.0.1j with device tree p201 and it works fine. However my device is a MXQ PRO 4K S905 with 1GB RAM and 100MBit ethernet port, so was wondering if i need to use the p200_1G_100M or ..._mxq pro 4k? And if I do end up getting it wrong, will the code you posted on the 8.1.1 thread with

    1. dd if=/flash/dtb.img of=/dev/dtb bs=256k

    work for this build too? Will i have to perform a clea install and lose my data and configurations?


    I'm using this build (version h) successfully on my two wetek hubs. Just wanted to know how I would modify the remote.conf so that that the mouse button is behaving like a play/pause key and not as a mouse trigger? I copied from /etc/amremote the wetek.conf to /storage/.config/remote.conf. Hope that is correct. but the mouse trigger buttons definitions inside the file are missing. Thre is only one key defined:

    How to proceed on this now to add the trigger button as play/pause? If someone could help me out here it would really be gerat :) Thanks a lot for your support here :)


    You can follow this guide here (from the section labeled "Key Map") and the referenced link for a list of codes used in linux.
    Remember not to overwrite the conf file under /flash but to place your edited copy in /storage/.config then reboot for the system to load the configuration.