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    I installed Libreelec-S802.arm-8.0.1a-S82.img.gz via sdcard on a minix x8-h device, now I want to install it on the NAND but when I execute the command I get the error

    LibreELEC: ~ # installtointernal
    -sh: installtointernal: Permission denied

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance

    how did you fix this I tried everything but no luck

    yes I'm actually having the same issue today on an mx3 permission denied but it runs off the sd perfect

    yes I'm actually having the same issue today on an mx3 permission denied but it runs off the sd perfect

    actually I just realized I wasn't but the new firmware I get job control turned off on bootup
    heres what I get everytime I try to install to internal

    got a question?
    I can run the s82 file from sd perfect on a minix neo x8-h.All functions seem to work fine but when I try to install to internal with putty I get an error permission denied.i tried reboot etc any idea what could be wrong

    for me I loaded booted connected to wifi and made sure ssh was on then rebooted.Next I opened internet explorer typed in box ip added LibreELEC-Amlogic_MX2.arm-8.0.0.tar to update folder.then using putty I ssh into box and added tune2fs -L LIBREELEC_DISK /dev/data.after that in ssh I typed reboot and updated perfectly everything working great.I did 3 mx2 all the same first shot

    [font][/font] loads perfect for me on my MXQ M201C but not the [font]8.0.0g [/font]version.For now I managed to get alexelec m201d version working but I'm hoping I can get a newer libreelec working

    Things will work fine from 5 mins to 30 Mins and randomly Video will freeze and then Krypton will reboot. happens mostly on Video Playback. However I have one of these
    crappy MXQ Boxes with 512M of RAM (Fake RAM Box was supposed to be 1 GIG) and only build that worked was the M201D. So Probably the shortage of RAM may be my issue.

    did you manage to update yours to [font]LibreELEC-S805.arm-8.0-8.0.0g-m201d.tar[/font] ???
    mine will only load [font][/font]

    what one did you use hd18 or M201D
    I updated my MXQ V1.0 with loaded perfect everything works great.Next I tried to update to LibreELEC-S805.arm-8.0-8.0.0g-m201d.tar and I get md5 check failed any idea how to fix this?

    not sure if I mentioned this yet but I installed the newest file to nand on an A95Z android tv box and it works perfect.I tested everything as much as I could and it all seems to function perfect remote etc.Thank you Kszaq for all your hard work

    I managed to load this to my Gbox Q but for some reason wont load on my M8 funny thing is up until this point the same libreelec files worked on both.Anyway another issue I'm having is my menu button does not work on my Gbox Q it has in past files so I tried loading a remote config file but same issue tried 3 of them all the same result my menu button wont work.We use it all the time is there any way to fix this