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    So it really helps if you are using the right image!


    You really need to be sure what board you have, regardless of what 64 does. I wasted close to 9 hours on this!

    Yes there are alot of these boxes out there with all different types of boards, i found that out with an M8 box which im having trouble booting to sd too.
    So did you get it working in the end?

    When you boot with the tooth pick it should boot up with the libreelec files on the usb, not from the recovery which you are doing. When you hold the tooth pick in keep holding it in while inserting power and keep holding till you see libreelec logo. If you dont see the logo and goes to the android recovery then something isnt right.

    Download the sd card creator software from here downloads – LibreELEC

    Then download the image file for your box from here 7.95.beta6

    Then open the sd creator software and click select file and add the file you just downloaded. Once its finish remove the sd card and insert it into your box with the power out. Insert a toothpick into the av port on the back (think its av port) and hold it in while inserting power plug back in and keep holding till it boots up and it should install it

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    By the way it wont actually install it will just boot from sd card, and when you remove the sd card it will go back to android

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    Well is there any step-by-step instruction how to install on MXQ S805 (Android 4.4.2 preinstalled) instead Android??? Do I need to do something additionally to do that?? And did anyone tried Kodi Netflix addon(Flix2Kodi or anything else) and can say it's working??

    You saying you want to install this over the android firmware?

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    Finally got this working, first i put the image onto sd and booted from that, then i got the remote.conf file and saved it into the configs folder and rebooted from ssh and remote worked so i did installtointernal and all good. Working fine just noticed its abit slower compared to the 7 builds.

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    I will give this a try, i have it installed to nand at the mo so ill try this code and see what happens. Thanks again

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