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    The Wayland image has Kodi (start from Emulationstation menu). Just uploaded a new image, try it out.

    Thank you, I'll try that as I couldn't find an entry for it. By Emulationstation menu, do you mean the menu where you configure input, sound settings, scraper etc? "Burning" the new image to a USB as I type, will get back with the results, thanks in advance!

    Update/edit: Updated to your new image, but can't find Kodi in the menu entries. Added custom collection Kodi as well, but there's no entry there.
    I might be blind as a bat, but I can't find Kodi anywhere to start it. Even tried dropping to terminal but couldn't find anything there either which made Kodi start based on typing "kodi", the only result that came up was kodi-* (ie kodi-emulation.start and some python scripts) to my knowledge.

    Edit 2: Tried your Kodi Rpi edition, and from there I see a "Start Kodi" from the Quit menu, although I do not know how long it should take to start it, drops out to Ryu of SF in the background with white text "#/" on black partial background

    New Wayland image out:

    • Now supports Intel (i965/iris) / AMD (radeonsi) / NVIDIA (nouveau) / Virtio (virgl) / VMware (svga)
    • OVA image for virtual machines.
    • Fully functional with 3D acceleration in VMware (VMSVGA graphics adapter), Virtualbox (VMSVGA), QEMU/KVM (Cirrus/QXL).
    • Improved RetroArch driver selection. Now defaults to Vulkan only if available, then looks for a preferred driver in /storage/.config/retroarch/retroarch-core-drivers.cfg.
    • RPCS3 now has proper fullscreen mode and scaling in Wayland.
    • ffmpeg binary is now version 4.1.4 with h264_vaapi/hevc_vaapi encoders available.
    • wf-recorder for video recording under Wayland included.
    • Latest Mesa 19.3 git brings performance improvements to AMD.
    • Updated OpenAL to latest git version, used as default (with Pulseaudio backend) in RetroArch as well as RPCS3.
    • Bootsplash can be customized by adding files under /flash/splash, they will replace any file in the default "spinner" theme.
    • Linux 5.4-rc4

    Can i add kodi to this release afterwards? I cannot seem to get your Kodi version to run properly, with my NUC6CAY (Celeron J3455) everything stops working after either typing in "installer" when installing from USB (same when not typing anything), just stops responding. If I install Wayland it works fine, but if i "downgrade" (update) to your Kodi version, it updates but after update is completed and system reboots, it's just stuck at Intel NUC BIOS splash screen. Tried the Skylake version just for the kicks of it, but same issue exists there as well. Tried two different USB install medias as well.

    Any ideas? :S

    Anyone else who experienced issues with Intel GPU from Kaby Lake (Pentium G4560) with recent beta versions? I had flickering and glitches in menus and some videos would cause the signal to be lost to my TV. Reverting to beta08 fixed the issue but everything up to beta15 at least has this error. Happens intermittent and was quite frustrating, don't dare upgrading because of this.

    If this suits your needs it's the right thing for you. But you have invest much more time to make things run smoothly and also maintenance is a quite challenging while you will lack of recent software/drivers too.

    Runs pretty smooth here, especially considering beta status, havent seen anything out of the ordinary. Maintenance seems like a bliss, updates keep installing from time to time and not very time consuming. Had to do some tweaking initially but after that all is well. But I'll still keep your LE RR as the main HTPC :)
    (Next up for my SteamOS is to play around with PlayOnLinux, but worried it might break things).

    As I said you can try this and it will give you some kind of similar end result, but without stuff like recent Dolphin or Citra versions or other recent stuff. Basically SteamOS is just Debian so you could install Kodi and all stuff you want but that needs a lot of tweaking to make all things run.

    Well yes and no. LE 9 comes with a lot of libretro-cores but basically the ones I use were modified for my fork. You could use my libretro cores with Retroplayer as well but honestly that wouldn't make sense right now as long as Retroplayer lacks OpenGL support most of the more recent console emulators won't work at all. So if you wan't to play anything past the SNES, Genesis or PSX you're literally scrwed /shrug

    the Emulator Addons slacker666 are more at the hands of kodi (maybe LE?) i'm not super certain and is not directly supported by 5schatten builds as these focus on RetroArch/EmulationStation

    use of those emulators in Kodi are at yer own risk , that being Said, if its a kodi thing then you shoudl be able to install Kodi in SteamOS then those, (if its an additional repo for kodi, its just a matter of adding that in. Worst case, you could Dualboot between Reborn Remix & SteamOS

    Yeah, I've installed SteamOS now with Kodi and Retroarch so I guess I got what I wanted after all :)

    Not really I guess you could try RetroPie or something similiar. This build relies on the LE toolchain & basesystem while SteamOS is some kind of "forked gaming Debian" AFAIK.

    Yeah, I know, I meant more like a .dpkg package or something for your version of Kodi with emulators and stuff included. But might not be doable?
    Not a biggie, was just a question and I can use two machines :-)

    Wondering, was something changed how videos are played in Beta05 (and Beta06)? I have some x265 and x264 encoded movies that I converted that worked flawlessly in Beta03 but now, they stop either after a few seconds or after a couple of minutes. Any ideas? I can give you a test video if you'd like.

    Edit: Seems to happen when a file is not RAR'ed, I RAR'd (without compression) the same video that was having issues with playback, and et voila, now it works, this must be very odd? This happens on both of my machines.

    You get HDMI audio output in retroarch, chrome or spotify but not Kodi? Well because then it's probably some kind of Kodi issue that I can't resolve. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Have you tried all (HDMI) outputs in Kodi? Does your sound work with the latest LE 9.0 Alpha 4?

    Yep, tried them all. However, the most unlikely issue occured, both my AMP and my other TV have issues. Plugging the HDMI cable straight into my first TV (AMP connected) made everything work again (both Kodi and Retroarch), not the first thing I'd expect to happen.

    Really impressed with your work on this release, working flawlessly now.


    You've read the FAQ and created a valid asound.conf? You have chosen the correct HDMI audio output in Kodi?

    The USB headset is... well an USB device so I guess Kodi detects it automatically and sets it as output.

    Yes, i get audio in retroarch, but not in LibreELEC/Kodi. Just tried a clean install but same problem persists. Device is set to the correct HDMI device under settings (it recognizes my TV name).

    Also, I had audio working fine with escalade's 8.2 builds.

    having an issue with audio on HDMI on my ASUS Z270i motherboard (onboard HDMI / Intel) and your build. Works with my USB headset though. Usually no audio through HDMI (worked about 2 out of 10 times when using Netflix addon, for local content there was no audio at all using HDMI but worked every time for USB headset). Normal issue?

    (No audio for Retroarch either if that helps, tried setting audio device to no avail).

    It's very confusing for a person who don't know anything about how this emulators works. I spent like an hour to understand why the heck there is a retroarch process running while I was using [tt]emulationstation frontend[/tt

    Think the word "frontend" says it all ;-)

    But you don't need to run the emulationstation frontend, you can start retroarch directly, need to make a shortcut for it if it's not already there. (Browse back/search for a how-to)

    Well I didn't remove any "unrar" support from LE nor doesn't really make it any sense for me to compress a video file with rar. Maybe it's not obvious but this build is based on LE9.0 upstream code so if vanilla LE would support "rared video" files my fork would also support it.

    Okay I compressed a h265 video file and saved about 4,5% space. So 2.55GB before and compressed 2.44GB IMHO not worth the hassle.

    Again if ES freezes then provide a logfile.

    It's just how some content is provided. No compression used tho.

    ES is a minor issue until I have ironed out the "broken"/missing unrar function.

    edit: seems Kodi Leia is not using RAR support by default but is now part of an addon. So thanks for pointing me in that direction.

    edit 2: well this is embarrasing, forgot that emulationstation doesnt recognize the gamepad and needs to be configured by using a keyboard to point it to that config part of ES. All well and everyhing works now, thanks for your help.

    Sorry yes, I'm talking about compressed video files in my video directory. Why on earth have you removed the unrar part from Libreelec? It's a must for Kodi.