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    Did you sort everything out? There's (most likely) a cleaner way to install stuff by using MizterB's script found here. Otherwise, hope everything is working out fine for you :)

    Ah, okay that's good then. Found it a bit odd that you could exit Pegasus-FE, but thought you maybe fiddled with the script a bit, but then I understand :)

    Yeah, Minecraft in RetroPie-Setup requires an RPi so it won't work, but I think you can download it manually and just add a bash script inside Ports to run it from within Pegasus-FE like Kodi and Steam.

    Odd that your keyboard died on you, not just a battery issue? Does it find the receiver in terminal, like dmesg|grep <brand name> ?

    Glad to be of assistance and that it finally works for you. And thank you for beta testing my script, must've been some changes along the road, made that script nearly a year ago so I guess that's why.

    Succeeded in getting everything installed, Pegasus-Fe opens and even lets me exit. Unfortunately not sure how to access Steam from the command line. Attempting in a separate tty rendered an error. Launching Kodi worked but the wireless keyboard I use immediately died. Growing pains.

    I'll attempt to see if using a remote will allow me to navigate Kodi and if there is some sort of configuration that can help me launch steam from Pegasus-fe. Otherwise all I really need to do is get the Steam games installed and then Pegasus can take it from there. At least theoretically, it can. Will spend some time copying over bios files and roms too to see if I can get my emulation on. And then there's testing the gamepads... Lots to do still! :)

    Glad you finally got it working! You shouldn't be able to exit Pegasus-FE with the script provided, everything should be reachable from within that frontend. Did you need to tweak anything or did the script work as intended?

    You should be able to launch Steam by running "steam" from terminal or the included bash script in "Ports" inside Pegasus-FE. I had to install lr-prboom package from within RetroPie-Setup to enable Ports section (I'm sure there's another way, just haven't bothered with it though) but after that it works flawlessly.

    My Xbox controllers work out of the box within Steam, but I think I needed to set up the controllers button configuration within Kodi manually.

    Nice to see it seems to be semi working. Regarding the sudoers, I missed removing that line initially, but the post is updated with the proper script now. The below script also fixes the wrong cmd in line 107.

    This is the final script:

    Sorry for your mess! Report back either on success or fail :)

    Yeah I know line 32/33 just dumps the user in nano where you have to remove the line manually, I will check if I can get it removed by using a command instead.
    Please use Ubuntu 18.04 minimal instead, might be some changes in 20.04, I had issues with that dist too (don't remember exactly what though). Yes, it should start pegasus-fe automatically.

    Btw: did you install pegasus-fe from retropie-setup script in experimental packages? I'm going to reinstall my NUC (been using LibreELEC there for 2 years so finally gonna make the switch to Ubuntu instead, might as well do it now :))

    Edit 2: I've just ran the setup process without any issues on my Intel NUC, it boots straight into Pegasus-FE. Might add a section to the script where it pulls todays current version of Pegasus-FE, otherwise it's better to just use RetroPie-Setup script to download it to get the latest version.

    Edit3: To enable ports, please install lr-prboom or similar package from RetroPie Setup script

    So far things are going pretty well as far as I can see. I'm at the point where it is compiling retropie. Working its way through Mupen64plus at the moment. Hoping this time we get the end and everything works.

    Quick question: I've been assuming that the display manager you prefer is lightdm so when I get a message asking me to choose between lightdm and GDM3, I've been selecting for lightdm every time. Was this a correct assumption to be making?

    Most likely will, but of course I hope so too :)

    Yes, that's the one I use. I install Ubuntu 18.04 minimal so I don't have any other display manager. Did you install a different one?

    I'd much rather wait for you, I barely know what I am seeing when I look at the script and the 'other' script was just troubleshooting what you had posted. I assume that you know your own script best and since you had had success with this before I'd rather wait for you to be able to read it over and post corrections.

    It took awhile but here it is, partially rewritten and tested on a VM just now and boots into Pegasus-FE afterwards (I installed it through the RetroPie-Setup script (from experimental packages). I also added the lirc stuff and the graphics drivers part, haven't tested that though so might not auto-install.

    If you (or anyone else) have any suggestions, feel free to comment :)

    I'm currently away, but as soon as I can I will create a virtual machine and try the script again and see where it fails and update accordingly. You can however try the other script (not written by me) if you're eager to try it out.

    Sorry for being absent. I've updated the post you refer to (RE: RetroELEC Kodi+Wayland+Emulationstation+RetroArch (x86/XU4/RPi)) and removed the pegasus-frontend package as it seems to be removed.
    Please try to run it again and check back if you succeed or run into any other issues.

    Here's an updated version of the script, copy the text and open an editor such as nano and paste it and save as (for example) then do: chmod +x and then run: sh

    The old and borked script below should only be used for reference.

    This intrigues me. Is there a place to discuss it further? I know this is an older post. What I want to know most is what the end result looks like allowing you to switch between systems (Kodi, Emulation Station, Steam) and whether a desktiop is needed or if there is a way to bind the three together for complete control with a remote?

    You can check out the theme at Pegasus Frontend , you simply add Kodi and Steam so you can start them like you'd start a game. I'm using a remote to start either and it works flawlessly.

    decided to go the linux route, however its been quite a while since ive messed with it, do I need to download the above listed minimal install then copy the text listed above save it as place it where noted then run the script, or run the items one at a time?

    Thanks for the help all

    Yep, you need to install the minimal Ubuntu version, I recommend v18.04 but v20.04 is (obviously) the latest. After downloaded and installed (from USB preferably) to a storage device, you need to create and either copy the "" file to samba share (this has to be installed and setup, check /etc/samba/smb.conf afterwards) or copy it to and from a USB drive and run that file. Don't forget to do "chmod +x" after that it's just a matter of executing
    If you don't want to bother with that, just download MizterB's file, it's way more automated aka user friendly and has some advantages over my script (like no terminal output when launching a game) :)

    Included an attachment of how the setup looks when done.

    Neither of the instructions listed for using other skins have worked for me guess i might be missing a step. if i edit the settings.xml with the code listed above us there anything else i need to do?

    Make sure Kodi isn't running when editing settings.xml or else it won't work.
    But as I mentioned earlier, try Ubuntu 18.04 or 20.04 and the Retropie install script in the above post. The MizterB bootstrap + install script should be fool proof.

    Tried your entry on the skin I would like to use (Madnox) but no success. I may have done something wrong but I am not sure what. I will continue to mess with it, unless you have any other ideas. Thanks for the help.

    See if the skin you're using support adding custom items to the menu, then you should be able to put the cmd "System.Exec(/usr/bin/" as a custom command. If not, try some other skin and see if it works just as a proof of concept.

    been using this image for a while, i’d like to use different skins (I am growing tired of the default) Has anyone had any luck using a different skin? cannot seem to get others to work while retaining access to the emulation aspect of this image.


    Either you have to see if you can enter a custom command from skin settings menu in Kodi or you'll need to edit " \\<networkname>\Userdata\addon_data\skin.<>\settings.xml "
    My entry looks like this:

    <setting id="CustomHome.1.Label" type="string">Games</setting>
    <setting id="CustomHome.1.Path" type="string">System.Exec(/usr/bin/</setting>

    I'm using Amber skin, so I can't guarantee the same will work for all skins. Best make a backup of it prior to changing it. Also, you probably can't have Kodi running that skin when trying to edit it.

    Edit: But feel free to try the Ubuntu 18.04 minimal iso and the script in my post above to get Pegasus FE + Kodi and possible native Steam support.

    I really enjoyed escalade's work with RetroELEC but I wanted to have my personal touch on the software, so I just ended up doing an Ubuntu 18.04 minimal install and then installed RetroPie (with Pegasus FE) + Kodi on it (can run Steam too, even in BPM). The upside with doing this is that you'll have access to more drivers and aren't limited to what's included in RetroELEC (or LibreELEC for that matter). You'll also be using Ubuntu which is widely supported and discussed in forums should you run into any issues or want to add something of your own.

    Here's what I did if anyone is interested in trying:

    Also, make sure to install Pegasus FE from RetroPie Setup under experimental packages if videos aren't playing after scraping them.

    You can copy & save that as a file in your user home dir as "" for example and then run the cmd: "chmod +x"

    execute with "sudo sh" afterwards. After a reboot you should now see the Pegasus frontend, you can scrape games with SkraperUI (run it from a Windows PC and point to your Ubuntu machine's LAN IP / name).

    Good luck with your new project!

    Audio issues? Check audio preferences with

    pacmd list-sinks | grep -e 'name:' -e 'index:'

    and ucomment the last line in /etc/pulse/ and set something like set-default-sink output alsa_output.pci-0000_01_00.1.hdmi-stereo-extra1

    Controller issues? Go to RetroPie section and launch Retroarch and setup your controller binds there.

    Also if you have more than one user it will probably break stuff with the install script. Use a clean new Ubuntu 18.04 install for this.

    Disclaimer: I'm not responsible for any damage running that script may cause. You're on your own if things go haywire.

    Note: If you want to use MizterB's RetroPie script for Ubuntu 18.04/20.04 you can download it here. It uses EmulationStation as frontend and installs main packages for RetroPie automatically

    You cant install anything since it's so locked down, you'd have to re-compile with Skyscraper I believe. Never done anything like that myself so can't guide you through how to do it though I'm afraid.