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    Restoring addon backups between builds often ends up with a broken system as they tend to drag in incompatible python helper addons. Unless its a straightforward upgrade from one version to the next, its always a good idea just to start from scratch. A pain I know but if you don't it can often lead to unexpected problems way down the line that breaks a subsequent upgrade.


    I did find out that just copying the settings file for particular plugin after installing the plugin works quite well, no need to type the settings by hand.

    I've had alot of struggle with a chinese S905 based Android box, that boots to LibreElec from USB.

    So I've been thinking about getting a better one, but there are so many options that I'm puzzled what's the best right now.

    I have considered one of the Odroids, are all of them up to the task, how about other alternatives?

    Features appreciated:

    - It will be client only for my media server running Emby Media Server, DVBLink (old recordings), NextPVR (New recordings).

    - CEC support for TV remote usage.

    - 4K would be nice for future use, but Full HD will do

    - HDR-supported for future use would be nice, but not a must

    - Audio pass through to a home theater amplifier

    - Hardware decoding of modern video formats

    - Plugins I will use: Netflix, YLE Areena, Katsomo, DVBLink PVR, NextPVR, Emby


    I'm currently stuck with a discontinued (and unstable build) on my "MXQ Pro Quick Play Amlogic S905 2K*4K TV BOX 1G/8G WIFI Gigabit LAN Bluetooth 4.0".

    I have tried to figure out what build and device tree I could use, but I'm lost, could you people help me a bit?
    Also can I upgrade or do I need to do a fresh install?

    Currently running, Kodi 17.6.

    Pretty rough april fools joke.
    By the way, if you Google Openelec, Google says that this website may be hacked.
    Whois reveals that is owned by XBMC Foundation, so all good in low level atleast.

    I hope its ok to post in this thread. I have been trying to boot my mxq pro 4k off of a usb stick with no luck. I followed the guide. mabe I missed something. I'm kinda new android other then I a few roots here and there. I used the toothpick method and all it does is bring me to a backup/restore type of menue but nothing about booting from usb. also i used LibreELEC-S905.ALL.aarch64-8.0.1.img and replaced the dbt file gxbb_p200_1G_mxq_pro_4k renamed to dbt.img pasted it inside the main folder and it replaced the one in there. also at first i was trying to use a usb stick but when it would load the android restore it would show errors at the bottem but when i used the sd card the errors were gone. but still not sure how to boot from it. these are the files put on the sd card SYSTEM, syslinux, KERNEL and a folder named EFI.

    Did you use Rufus or similar tool for transferring the image to the USB-stick?

    Also only one of the USB-ports is bootable, in my box it's the single one in back.

    It should boot straight into the LibreElec installation without showing restore screen.

    I also have issues with S905 box standby, I have chosen to disable standby for the box from the CEC settings:

    System settings -> Input -> Peripherals -> CEC Adapter -> When TV is switched off to Ignore

    You can change the value to shutdown as well, but for me that causes communication error and AVR stops receiving sound from devices and TV sound is switched on.

    There are also settings for commands to the other devices the box sends when powering down.

    I also have drilled some holes to the top cover of the box to increase air flow, before I had up to 61C temperatures during idle, now idle temperature is 51C.

    Do you also have the Nexbox A95X?

    My current solution is an HDMI-CEC killer > HDMI-CEC (pulse 8) adaptor > Receiver, I just disable the standard CEC adaptor in the menu of Kodi.
    It works fine, only thing is that the volume is not always responding or is really slow in responding.

    I just want the native CEC in the box to work, it's one of the reasons why I bought it.

    My device is MXQ Plus.

    Thanks for the tip, I have a Pulse 8 adapter in storage somewhere. That was one expensive piece of (tiny) hardware.

    Ah, so you just never turn the box off? Have you also tried to firmware upgrade your box?

    I just installed the latest firmware on my box, to a firmware that came out late in november.
    I saw my bootloader picture change from the default AMLogic S905X logo to a Nexbox A95X logo, so it seems that my bootloader is updated and hope that this solves the issue.
    Just reinstalled TWRP/LibreELEC and everything, so when I get home I will see if this solved my CEC issues.

    Yes I have updated the firmware.
    For now the only solution for me is to never to turn it off.

    I might set up a timer on the power plug that shuts down the power for a couple of hours during night to give the box a bit resting time.