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    Brief update, which has less to do with amlogic boards, but with hyperion: I've bought a Rasp Pi 3 B+ (the new 1.4GHz model) and, as expected, Hyperion is working flawslessly (with framegrabber of course).

    Can it read HEVC? yes, very well now :) (tried movies with and over 12Mb/s, all OK)

    Can it handle 4K? no, of course (but hyperion has problems with 4K anyway)

    So, if you are still struggling with hyperion and dont care about 4K, this could be a cheap solution :)

    Its still unnecessary cost :) Most of us, are owner of chosen amlogic box for some reason, buying additional box its not a solution. Cost of raspberry with additional staff you need for it (power supply, case, IR for remote etc.) is equal to external grabber on usb for 1080p content :) And you achieve not only ambilight for content played from the box, but also from other sources cause it grabs frames from hdmi signal :)

    I hope the bug could be repair with proper kernel patch and im waiting for it :)

    I prefer to choose something that will give me maximum performance on linux and if necessary to use the hdd on windows use something like Ext2Read

    Not better to link both device in one network, but of curse with wire :) share disk in windows pc, and add it on libreelec :). 100mbit is really enough for 1080p i think also for 4k. I only use samba on my device and dont see any problems. Only on 4k after i go forward or backward i got choke image :) iam not sure its fault of 100mbit network cause after start the movie without go forward or backward all is fine :), maybe some buffer settings i need add. Of curse the problem is that host pc must be on :P so its not eco-friendly :P

    I dont have 4k TV so actually i dont worry that :) I read on some forum where someone calculate 100mbit its enough for 4k :)

    With my kids i will be not happy to have disk drive near their hands :D wetek hub is quite offen in their interest :D

    Ty for this info. I'm not enough able to compile hyperion myself. Anyway, could you please point me to the correct options to use the hyperion-aml in the config files? I'm using amlgrabber atm with no success. What should i add to the config file to use the hyperion-aml code?

    Original hypercon in latest version, very nice install hyperion if you just add him correct ip, login and password, for libreelec login: root password: libreelec. And remember on hypercon first you generate config file after that you choose it and send to the device. You must stop hyperion, send chosen config and start process again.

    From hypercon most important settings are "device", wrongly set could be problematic, next leds, wrongly set could only lights wrong led nothing more :) next settings is too choose proper grabber, if you use as me libreelec on amlogic device and arduino device properly set, just connected to usb port.

    For arduino and amlogic boxes you need use amlgrabber for hardware decoded media and framegrabber for rest and kodi gui. But if you want lights for both you must set lower number for higher priority in amlgrabber, for example 890 for framegrabber and 889 for amlgrabber. At start, i use both but i saw flickering light sometimes on movie and figure out its fault of subtitles which looks like try use framegrabber i think, i try set higher priority for amlgrabber but it not help so i remove framegrabber from my config.

    Next settings is colour calibration at start i though it will be difficult but on hyperion wiki you will find very useful pictures for set all. In those settings very important is white balance and greyscale for gamma settings, default gamma is 2.5 my leds work much better on 2.0, but as i say you need set it for yourself. And as i wrote before amlgrabber work only for hardware decode media, as pictures are not hardware decoded for colour calibration you must add framegrabber :)

    Ok so wonderiuy if you set correctly device when you connecting device to usb port you should see flashing leds which inform you that arduino work and use own start effect from sketch but just after that you should see hyperion boot effect, if you dont see it its looks like you have wrong set device in config or your config is fault for example missing comma or parenthesis.

    If you see boot effect just add to your config amlgrabber for example:

    "amlgrabber" :


    "width" : 64,

    "height" : 64,

    "frequency_Hz" : 20.0,

    "priority" : 889


    "framegrabber" :


    "width" : 64,

    "height" : 64,

    "frequency_Hz" : 20.0,

    "priority" : 890


    You could delete framegrabber to be sure it not mess in priority. But you will not have lights on pictures or kodi gui.

    I try compile ng version but i cant find proper crosscompile instruction and dont have additional amlogic device to build compiler :)

    Anyone could share with latest binary of for Krypton kszaq version for S905 (wetek hub), i try to compile it be myself, but with no luck ( crosscompile is not updated on git) My host is ubuntu 14.04.

    I hope someone will find solution for those slowdowns and hangs, cause as someone mention, external grabber make system more expensive :)

    thx for answer. Is it possible also to be fault of cpu? What scraper do, that hardware have problems with library scan. I read on kodi forum that someone have the same problem with Rpi3, here.

    The question is, if its fault of memory, why i can move on menu after freeze of library scan, but after some time it totally freeze? Is it possible to change frequency of cpu or memory to check is it fault of them?

    If nobody can help me to investigate the problem i will send back it to seller.


    I have two box mxq pro 4k (1G ram, 8GB nand), first with blue pcb in recovery was p201-userdebug, so i use proper dtb and all work without a problem. When i bought second one from the same seller i got green pcb but on recovery its only MXQ-PRO so i try use the same dtb p201 and all work fine so i dont test others. Without a problem i install on nand, and all work fine, but sometimes i have problem with library database. When i scan my library with scrapper from time to time its stuck (scan status hang on one folder) i can move on menu, but when i run movie or something other box freeze ( i cant log in ssh). Its not a specific folder but randomly. I have 4 path, two for movies and two for tv series. And sometime it scan one path without a problem, but somtimes stuck on it. Also its not fault of scraper, cause it happen randomly on movie (filmweb) or tv series (thetvdb). At start i think its lan problem or something other but actually it happen more often. I reinstall newest libreelec on nand, but nothing help. The libreelec it self work without a problem, i use it for live tv too. But on scan of library it hang and from logs looks like it damage database cause i have a lot of [Textures13.db] and [MyVideos107.db] The database disk image is malformed.

    I thinking is it fault of nand is broken, but as i say libreelec never hang or freeze. Only problem with library scan. One time when it hang it corrupt filesystem.

    Anybody could help what happen:
    - is it fault of nand,
    - maybe wrong dtb, mxq pro 4k (lollipop), green pcb with RTL8189ETV 20150812 with working reset button :)

    How can i check what happen on library scan?