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    About question 2

    Go to LE configuration/network/wait for network before Kodi starts, and set it to 10"

    Had the same problem

    Edit:just saw that you already tried that..Have no clue now..

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    You can try this remote.conf for M18. Source is amlinux forum, thanks for Alex240188.
    It has been a little bit remapped, as you seen in the picture.
    If your reset switch not soldered to PCB, you can try reboot to recovery with ADB Tools. See #1 post in MXQ Pro topic @ amlinuxmedia. Need register to view.

    OK, I will try it later and let know,thank you

    Worked great!!!Thank uuuu!!!

    Hello again!
    So, the problem is with remote now. I have installed LE on sd, it successfully copied the remote.conf from android nand, but the remote is not working neither does cec. I have already copied again the remote.conf myself from android to sd card but without success. The kern.log is different from the usual log so I could upload it?

    PS.In NAND android everything works well

    Using Beelink M18 android box

    Thank you ppl!!

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    Try booting to Android, insert SD card with LE and then reboot to recovery. I have updated the first post to include this.

    Ok, I fixed it about like you suggested!!What I did, was when it booted to recovery, I selected reboot and then I pressed the reset button and voila, it started installing LE.

    Only issue at the moment is with Harmony Remote..Any suggestions?

    Thanx again kszaq

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    Hello ppl!!Kszaq thank you for your great work!!

    I have a Beelink M18, I tried several times to install on sd card with toothpick method but I always get the usual error (SH: can't access tty job).
    1)Turn of device
    2)Put SD card
    3.i)Pressing reset while holding power button and insert power plug device does not turn on
    3.ii)Insert power plug, pressing reset button and then I press device power button, it boots to libreelec logo and then the "SH: can't access tty job error"

    I even logged to android, rebooted to recovery, but then I do not know what to do next in order to install on sd card without loosing my nand android installation.

    PS. I have succesfully installed LE on 2 mk808b plus devices and openelec on some other android devices using toothpick method

    Can pleaseeeeeeee someone suggest any alternative method to install on sd card? Or any detailed toothpick method on how to install LE on SD?