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    I am trying to stream audio from my android phone to my RPi2. I tried this wiki and I have my phone paired and everything seems to be running, then I play a song in my phone it streams ok over bluetooth but in LibreELEC I receive no audio and it seems nothing happens...

    please can anybody help me? :/

    thanks in advance!

    Isn't lakka built on LE? Or is there some technical reason the binaries from lakka can't be used?

    yes, you're right. But lakka's retraroch binary has some additional features such as poweroff option or lakka updater... if a user use the latest lakka will updte and overwrite libreelec installation... I tried that way a lot time ago and some users lost their OpenELEC installation... ;(

    To avoid that you can compile Lakka and edit retroarch package file and change just one parameter, then you will get a clean retroarch binary. But I can not compile any linux distro anymore...

    The thing is that in new retroarch 1.7.3 there are some settings to "hide/view" some options in menus so I can try to hide "online updater" to avoid users loosing their LE installation... I'm gonna try it out :/

    I just released a new RA 8.170.9 version including those missing libs, I tried it out and it worked in a fresh new LE9 alpha build installation.

    You can update from kodi's Gamestarter repo or download zip from here:

    Also, I tried to get new RA 1.7.3 binary from escalade's/5schatten's releases but I can not make it work in official LE build... Since nowadays I just use my RPi for hyperion/ambilight control (and twice a month to watch some downloaded movies) by the moment 1.7.0 will be the last RA version in gamestarter addon, unless someone offers itself to compile RA using official LE toolchain... sorry...

    I don't follow dreamcast cores development but as I say some weeks ago these cores are WIP so I think that can be difficult to get them working in a RPi

    I guess after copying libs and rebooting the error is different, maybe another lib... you should use ldd command to get list of all missing libs...

    I don't use LE9 testbuilds a lot time ago so I don't know if RA addon should work out -of-the-box...

    I'm sorry for being absent but I don't use my RPi for emulation anymore so I need to get some freetime just to try to update addons and check how they work in newer LE versions...

    Try what Mario77 says and you can also take a look to another users issues over here: Issues · bite-your-idols/Gamestarter · GitHub

    I'm not sure Escalade is updating his build anymore. 5schatten has been updating a fork:

    GitHub - 5schatten/ A bit more OS for KODI

    Thanks for advising, I need some time to take a look and see if we can use updated RA and/or ES.

    You said you tried it but you don't say what is the problem you get...

    did you install retroarch addon?

    can you launch it?

    These steps has no difficulty more than install a repo and selecting an addon from it to install, there is nothing to configure and nothing to try.

    If you have retroarch installed (it takes about 3 minutes to install it) you should just launch it from addon section in kodi, thats all.

    If you get some kind of error or problem, you must tell us in gamestarter´s thread what your problem is and we will try to help you.

    Once you control retroarch then you can install AEL or Emulationstation as a frontend for your game collections and scrape them, but first I recommend you to get familiar with retroarch, you can find a lot of tutorials in the internet.

    Seriously you are talking about how difficult is to use retroarch addon from gamestarter?

    You've got to be kidding.

    Go to gamestarter thread's first post, download gamestarter repo and install it in your device. Now you are ready to install retroarch (and AEL, or emulationstation addons) from kodi addons.

    Launch retroarch and enjoy.

    Piece of cake.

    If you need any help use gamestarter's thread.

    Thanks a lot! but... no RPi build?

    Dont know what i should use in lakka and rename for the addon. Can u say me what i need?

    You can search and copy "retrarch" binary from lakka it should be in /bin or /usr/bin folder. Then rename and paste in LE installation in /storage/.kodi/addons/game.retroarch/game.retroarch-RPi and finally give exec permissions. I really don't know if it will work but it is whay I would do... Ir binary and cores are the same and performance in not the same then it is something related with OS or config settings.

    Another thing you should try, before anything else, is to try retroarch addon with that core in a fresh new LE installation because maybe your installation has some settings or configurations modified, or even another addon is making some influence in performance...


    It should open retroarch and list the cores you can run the rom with...then save the core you use so next time it just run the rom..

    I see no option like that in --help:

    I think that editing gamelists as I said before can make the trick...