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    Are you able to compile 8.0.1 with cec 4.0.3....don't know where to start from as never tryed...code is on github already fixed by opdenkamp Pulse-Eight/libcec

    Its not 4.0.3, at least officially. I can do it only for Rpi2 platform, other would take me loooong time, and I dont have so big disk to store all cache for more platforms.
    Here is Rpi2, for those who want to test it: LibreELEC-RPi2.arm-8.0.1_fixed_cec_commit_3953f8d.tar (138.43MB)


    If LibreElec goes in a dimmed state (after 5 minutes of inactivity I guess), I have to wake it up with the Kodi network remote in order to use the TV remote again!


    can confirm that this is libcec related problem. I see exact same behauviour on Rpi2 + Panasonic TV and LE 7.0.3 with libcec 4.0.1.

    But anyway, the misbehaviour with AVR on the way between Rpi2 - TV makes me stop using CEC on this setup. Now I using Lirc, IR remote + IR sensor on Rpi2 GPIO and couldnt be happier :) Finally everything works in every condition, every HDMI, doesnt matter if TV is powered off from TV source active, or Kodi source active. Doesnt matter on switching TV's HDMI input. Doesnt matter on screensaver or not. Highly recommended for those, whose fighting with more CEC devices on one bus and not-so-working libCEC menu in LE.

    On simple setup Rpi2->TV libcec 3.0.1 works just fine.

    I have to walk back my earlier comment about Estuary not lagging on a RPi. I upgraded another RPi system to LE 8 Krypton that I use more intensively. I noticed the slowness immediately especially when I use the Super favorites addon. So I tried an experiment. I did the unthinkable and loaded Confluence. It was immediately obvious how much faster Kodi Kroton runs with Confluence as the skin.
    Yes, there are some features of Estuary I like but the painful slowness I cannot tolerate.

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    Its not unthinkable, its necessary ;)

    Creating two additional new threads with no additional useful information, just for getting attention?

    If you want attention, you can get some.
    I deleted both those threads, btw.

    So, that means any delevoper cant reproduce the problem? When using fast forward on video? (h264 for example, assuming from video, posted on this thread).

    Isee jemalloc depend build by peak3d · Pull Request #11620 · xbmc/xbmc · GitHub closed, but it could be that it is another issue, or maybe closed to soon? I dont know, but I doubt those reports are just fictitious..

    Klojum clearly doesn't have an RPi, because the GUI is laggy even on the RPi3. It's just slow. Almost any Intel IGD will have it beat as far as the GUI is concerned.

    Can confirm same feelings (Its not extreme but enough to notice. - best description). Pretty cleam install, textures cached via texture tool. The skin also noticably higher Temp values on my Rpi2. I am not planning use that skin in any near future, when Confluence will be still at least a little supported. But hey, on the brighter side, its ugly anyway, and we have confluence here (yet) :)

    I mentioned that already in past on some Kodi forum, along with my other complains on new default skin, but, we dont have the numbers unfortunatelly.

    Try System-Input-Peripherals (or something like that)-CEC. There are settings for wake/up etc related to CEC devices (TV/Rpi/Receiver) actions (switch chanell, power on/off).

    Damn, just bumping connman isnt enough :(

    Edit: It doesnt help with generating zone index (%), but seems that infinite loop of solicit/request isnt there anymore :) Interesting.


    when I enable auto IPv6 on Rpi (router serves DHCP), it starts spamming every second router with IPv6 Request/Solicit. And IPv6 connection doesnt work. Pretty same as Enabling IPv6 leads to network Flooding · Issue #3746 · OpenELEC/ · GitHub (solved by downgrade connman connman: downgrade to connman 1.23 · OpenELEC/[email protected] · GitHub).

    The suspicious is already ifconfig, the loopack address isnt standard ::1, but ::1%<generated number>, which generates every moment, ie. two iconfig commands in a row:

    inet6 addr: ::1%1995482304/128 Scope:Host
    inet6 addr: ::1%1996215488/128 Scope:Host

    Ah, solved in 8 branch... so I will leave it just as FYI, just in case some 7 user planning switch to IPv6 :)

    I made new version of the addon with bumped packages (php 5.6.30, httpd 2.4.25, mysql 5.7.17, phpMyAdmin 4.6.6). Anyone would like to test it (for which image)?

    Update: I just upload zips v102 ;) Next releases will be based on this.


    unfortunatelly, I bought new router to home, so I switched Mysql there (OpenWRT). So personally cant test stability :( But I will keep you precious files for the future, it could be that I will install more Rpi's to my parents for example, and then Mysql on Kodi will be needed. Or any other occassion ;)

    Thank you!

    Btw., I still very strongly believe, that this should be part of Official LibreElec addons (separatelly, or in Network Tools) :exclamation: